Deviation Street update ….. Changes ……. part-1

What’s that song, that painting, that book? The one that came along at the right time right place. The one that took you elsewhere or reaffirmed and confirmed what you already knew but had somehow put to one side. Images, sounds and words have the power to transform lives in the creative realm I would say that’s mostly in a good way. In the political … Continue reading Deviation Street update ….. Changes ……. part-1

An Interview with Daniel Rushforth – Brian Gibson

Artists and their art have always had the ability to change our perceptions about the world or worlds in which  we live . Equally artists and their work can reawaken thoughts and feelings that may have been pushed to one side in favour of a more dominant culture.  So its interesting that the work of Daniel’s Rushforth appears to be at odds with the teachings … Continue reading An Interview with Daniel Rushforth – Brian Gibson

Don’t Look Back

Deviation Street is evolving. It always has been, shifting its shape , its format and its content. Originally a 1977 fanzine featuring interviews with the likes of The Jam, Richard Hell and The Stanglers with a smattering of features on local and emerging bands, it lasted like all good fanzines for just a few issues as the people who had put it together found themselves … Continue reading Don’t Look Back

Oldfield Youth Club – The Glue EP – JG

Oldfield Youth Club ‘The Glue’ EP Tiny Global Records   South west London indie commentators Oldfield Youth Club – or OYC as they’re often known – return with a three track EP of observations on life and other matters, and they’ve brought a horn section with them. Variously recalling Dexy’s, the Style Council and Pulp, amongst others, OYC know how to take a three chord … Continue reading Oldfield Youth Club – The Glue EP – JG

The Psychedelic Furs ‘Made Of Rain’ – JG

The Psychedelic Furs ‘Made Of Rain’ (Cooking Vinyl) Back in the day, amidst the torrent of bands and albums that were floating around at the beginning of the 80s, opinions were very often divided. With the lid entirely lifted from the box marked ‘experimentation’, people sat in darkened rooms debating the merits of whichever new album releases were making waves at any particular moment. As … Continue reading The Psychedelic Furs ‘Made Of Rain’ – JG

A Hero’s Death / Fontaines DC – New album review by JG

Fontaines DC ‘A Hero’s Death’ (Partisan Records)   There isn’t much question that ‘Dogrel’ was a significant album highlight of 2019. Furiously energetic, the Dublin band’s observational tales of their hometown and other situations made for a significant debut, leading to a lot of media attention and a tour of the US, a record that resembled a collision between the Libertines and the Pogues and … Continue reading A Hero’s Death / Fontaines DC – New album review by JG

Cold Water Swimmers -Jon Gordon

Cold Water Swimmers From Manchester, a folksy trio that are pursuing a decidedly indie ethos and beginning to make their presence known away from their usual haunts. Jon Gordon caught up with Cold Water Swimmer’s Chris Bridgett to find out more :   How did Cold Water Swimmers form? Was there a plan or did it just happen? Carrie and Selina had a duo called … Continue reading Cold Water Swimmers -Jon Gordon

Letters from America -Dmitry Sokolenko

Americans! I would like to share with you my own, possibly misguided thoughts on flag-burning. I believe it’s not at all OK. But of course, as a Soviet playwright, I can imagine a situation when it would almost be normal. For example, if America were conquered… well, let’s say… by Mongolia or Sumeria or New Zealand or by Martians. Personally I can most easily imagine … Continue reading Letters from America -Dmitry Sokolenko

Toulouse Low Tracks – JG

Toulouse Low Tracks “Jumping Dead Leafs” (Bureau B Records) Anyone that has been listening to much electronic music from Germany in the preceding ten or so years would be aware that some of the most notable sounds of this genre have originated from within the musical collective that is based around three bands from the Dusseldorf area. Those bands are (in no particular order) Tarwater, … Continue reading Toulouse Low Tracks – JG

O + M = G – Dmitry Sokolenko

Ladies and Gentlemen! As many already know, on June 27 1977, on the territory of the USSR, my member began to grow. There were then seconds, minutes, weeks, and years of torment for me connected with its very slow growth — but then, as many already know, five years ago, it began to grow so quickly that it outgrew the World! And my organ became … Continue reading O + M = G – Dmitry Sokolenko