For over a decade Japanese trio The Molice have been perfecting their own take on garage punk and other associated musical styles.

Yuzuru, Rinko and Paro took a few minutes from their schedule to share some thoughts and ideas with Deviation Street.

You formed the band in 2007. What have been the most memorable experiences between then and now?

Recording in America and US Tours. The way of recording in the US is very different to Japan. It suits us. We felt music doesn’t need word. We can’t stop the way anymore.. and the US tours were a really interesting experience. For the first time, I was happy to feel the energy of the audience. It was also completely different from the Japanese one. Their energy came to us directly in our shows. We understood our music has big energy like them. It was also great to have some cool music friends on the tour and meet some of my favourite band members

Your new album ‘Gate’ seems like a harder rock sound than the previous album ‘Signs’. What is the idea behind this?

We always have many ideas and want to realize them. I thought “GATE” is like a greeting card, for the upcoming tour. Also, since it is an album completed with support from the Kickstarter, we think that’s enthusiasm.

Where is your favourite place to write and record music? You were in Buffalo NY a lot recently, are you there now?

Green street, waterfront, cafe are places for writing music. Recording is in US for us. We were supposed to be in Buffalo, New York now… Last year, we were able to get our visa with the support of everyone in the audience, but unfortunately we were unable to travel to the US due to Covid-19. (at the time of this interview all the bands equipment was still in Buffalo )

When you formed the Molice did you think you would be making music 14 years later?

We have never thought it. When we formed “MOLICE”, we were going to do it for only one year. We though that if we don’t evolve in a year, don’t have new ideas anymore we would stop “MOLICE”. Our name has since changed from “MOLICE” to “THE MOLICE” since 2015. We continue because the ideas still come and that’s not exhausted.

You are friends with Shonen Knife who are known in the UK, what other Japanese bands do you like, and why?

We love Denki Groove, Blanky Jet City, INU,… Denki Groove is not rock band but we love their sound, ideas and spirit. Denki Groove is not rock band but we love their sound, ideas and spirit. INU is old Japanese hardcore band. We love lots of old Japanese punk and hardcore bands. They were influenced by UK and US music very much and they tried to make their sound. Uniqueness and originality is very important for us.

‘Signs’ and ‘Gate’, the most recent full length albums from The Molice can be found on your music streaming services.