An interview with The Sexy Wild East 

The Sexy Wild East are a duo of electro punk northerners based in Budapest whose first EP Ranting & Raving made some waves with it’s scathing political anthems like ‘Donald Trump Is An Arsehole’ and just released nostalgia praising, politics eschewing banger ‘Banksy Moon’.

D St:. Tell us a little about your latest release on quickfix recordings:
TSWE: It’s called Banksy Moon and it is an electro punk party banger about keeping yourself sane in this fucked up world by listening to great music from your youth and letting go a bit.
D St; . How would you start a dj set?
Finlay: Underwater – Rufus du sol.
It’s a chilled song to get people relaxed and moving
Neil: Research Chemicals by Viagra Boys. Nice and sleazy, no messing about. 
D St:. First song u remember liking
Finlay: Love me do  – the Beatles 
I remember listening to vinyl (I’m not that old, we were just behind the times) with my parents in the evening when I was little. The Beatles was one of them.
Neil: Working My Way Back To You – The Detroit Spinners. I remember seeing this on top of the pops when i was very young, i had great taste at an early age.


D St.: Favourite non single/deep cut that no one gives enough credit

Finlay: Gianni barba – mountain with no head. 

Monster of a tune. I don’t know why this guy isn’t huge.

Neil:  Heartbeat – Rob Chew. An absolute 80s pop classic, written in 2019.


D St: Song that is not your usual thing but u love, weirdly

Finlay: Earth wind and fire – September 

Dont know anything else that they have done but love this song Neil: Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind. Seriously unexpectedly amazing song.


D St: . A favourite song you adopted from your parents tastes

Finlay: Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Another one of the records I remember listening to with my parents

Neil: Pentangle – Light Flight. My dad had the album and i played this song a lot as a kid. 

D St:. A song u love that other people seem to hate
Finlay: Eminem – Same song and dance.
This whole album is incredible but I don’t think it’s considered one of his best (it definitely is though).
Neil: Has to be Scooter, total genius. Song wise i will go for Jumping All Over The World.
 D St:. Favourite tune to kick the party into top gear (not the show!)
Finlay: The killers – Andy your a star 
Big tune to sing along to. Easy to sink a few beers with this tune/album on.
Neil: Los Fastidios – Antifa Hooligans. I was introduced to this by a wonderful promoter in Romania, an absolute chant-along straight to the point classic.

D St:. A song that gets you in the mooooood for lovin! 😉
Finlay: Frank ocean – Nights
Fantastic song (and album) in its own right but i had sex to it one time and now it can’t be undone.
Neil: Finlay had sex one time.

D St . A song that you like to exercise to or adrenalises you
Finlay:Post Malone – Wow
Good beat. Lively. Great to run to.
Neil: im not really one for exercise, but No Escape From Balkan by Dubioza Kollektiv gives me some vibes.


D St. The best tune to close the night at a party/club/event
Finlay: 21 savage – A lot 
Chilled song. Great beat and bass. Helps the ones still standing to chill out.
Neil: Ghost Town – The Specials. One of the all time greats.
D St:  Favourite tune for the morning after                                 
 Finlay: J Cole -Immortal, Its just a Fucking Banger 
 Neil: I don’t do tunes the morning after really but it wouldneed tobe soothing, so…… Holes by Mercury Rev.

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