I AM A DJ chapter  3- The Subtheory


The Subtheory aka Andy Hill is an electronic Artist/Producer/DJ who (outside of pandemic lockdowns) splits his time between the festival filled fields of Oxfordshire and the endless summer sun and flashy glare of LA – it makes for an interesting mix of cold and warm elements in his music and a sense of scale and economy, tension and release.

His latest single on the Quickfix Recordings Digital Singles Club ‘FADER’ featuring Sam Brox, guitarist in Mancunian MC Tunes fronted RapRock gang The Dust Junkys, who plays up a pyrotechnic storm on this electro-rock hybrid.

 Fader follows a couple of well received EPs Ventura Blvd and Impact plus a string of popular collaborations across the synthwave genre and remixes for the likes of Kellindo Parker making him a rising star to keep an ear on!

D St: Tell us a little about your latest release on quickfix recordings: 

Andy: The new single is a kick out the jams, electro stomper.  It’s Miami Vice car chase meets brutal action film fight.  Insanely heavy guitars from Sam Brox laying on top of driving electronic rhythms.  It pounds you into the dirt before caressing you mid way through with the sweetest of melancholy only to spring back up for more brutality.

 D St: How would you start a dj set?  

 Andy: I always like to either make a big epic statement for an intro tune or something more subtle and growing.  This time I’ve gone for the Soul Wax remix of LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous.

 D St: First song u remember liking.  

Andy: Does this have to be cool?  Because honestly the first record I remember really liking was probably Nik Kershaw – Wouldn’t it be good

 D St: Favourite non single/deep cut that no one gives enough credit – 

 Andy: I’m not sure if this counts because it was a B side but I think Rebel MC – Coming on Strong doesn’t get enough credit for kickstarting a whole generation of UK dance music that didn’t look to the US but instead to it’s own roots.  It was only a short time after the pop singles of Street Tuff, etc too and was instrumental in jumpstarting Jungle, etc.

 D St: Song that is not your usual thing but u love, weirdly – 

Andy: Eyedress – Jealous is really not the sort of thing i’d normally listen to but I’m strangely drawn to it.  Maybe it’s that Kane Caples is in the video or maybe it’s the quirky 80s influence but I like it a lot,

D St:  Whats your favourite song that you adopted from your parents tastes – 

Andy: This would probably have to be Tomorrow never knows by The Beatles.  I remember hearing it so often as a child and thinking it sounded like music made my aliens, I was obsessed with it and would watch the record spinning as it played.  It transfixed me in a way I’m sure was me turning off my mind, relaxing and….you know the rest.

D St: A song u love that other people seem to hate –

Andy: I’ll be honest I’m not too aware of what songs other people hate, there’s plenty I hate that people absolutely love but the other way round? That’s tough.  I saw a thing the other day that named Boston – More than a feeling as a song people love to hate but I’m not sure why.  I’m sure Kurt Cobain loved it for one thing and I’m a sucker for that era of “dad” rock.  I’ll go with that one I think as I really can’t think of another one.

 D St: Favourite tune to kick the party into top gear (not the show!) – 

Andy: It depends what kind of party but I always keep a couple of tracks ready to grab the crowd’s attention if needed. One for people of a certain age would Birth of the Odyssey – Godiego.  People get freaked out by the long intro then usually go crazy when the beats drops and they realise what it is.

D St: A song that gets you in the mooooood for lovin! 😉 – 

Andy: I’ll be honest that’s not something I’ve ever really thought of.  If I had to choose though I’d probably go for something cool and sexy like Sid Le Rock – Foreign Love

 D St: A song that you like to exercise to or adrenalises you – 

Andy: Exercise? What’s that?  I always imagined if I was a boxer I’d use Army of the Pharaohs – Battle Cry as my walk in music because it has an awesome sample, some unrelentingly violent lyrics and might scare the opponent into submission thus making my fight a little easier. 

D St:The best tune to close the night at a party/club/event – 

Andy: I saw Annie Mac DJ the same week that Prince died and she finished her set with I would die 4 U and the place erupted, everyone was hugging each other (pre covid remember?) so I’d go for that.

D St: Favourite tune for the morning after – 

Andy: This was tough but it’s got to be something Bristol based from the 90s, they cornered that perfect downtempo sound needed to help ease you back into reality.  So I’ll go for Roads – Portishead.

Fader by The Subtheory ft Sam Brox is available on all streaming platforms now via Quickfix Recordings For more info and subscription to the Quickfix Digital Singles Club visit www.quickfixrecordings.com