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we are We launched in October 2020 

– Always Evolving-

Deviation Street

A contributor based Image/Sound/Word online zine. 

 A brief History

The origins of Deviation Street go way way back to the evening of 6th June 1977.

…… and  a Rock Against Racism gig featuring The Adverts, Penetration, local band Harry Hack and The Big G and one other band from Manchester called Warsaw ,who would later go under the namde Joy Division which  inspired  3 Bored  teenagers to start a Fanzine .   The  name of the zine was Deviation Street  a  nod to a track by counter culture  figure Mick Farren and his band The Deviants .  Like all good zines  Deviation Street lasted only a few issues . However in  2017 It was resurected intially as an online blog (with the Approval of  3 Original Founders ) as a  Blog . Same DIY Ethos but Covering a wider creative Spectrum of Art /Music and Literature .  this was followed by a Biannual  Print version featuring interviews  and features on a diverse range of artists , from the unknown and overlooked to the emegring and even THE WELL ESTABLISHED . fROM dIANA aRBUS TO THE OUTSIDER aRT cOLLECTIVE  uNCOOKED cULTURE , FROM ARCHIVE INTERVIEWS WITH rICHARD hELL AND Generation X to The   latest release by composer Jimmy Galvin.  Each issue came in a different format / Layout From a 64 pages to 36 full colour perfect bound to a 16 page broadsheet Newspaper  Always evolving never static . Then Come 2020 and the pandemic . This brought about  the decision to put our print Edition on hold  and place our  focus towards  an Online presence 

 Which Dear reader  is where you are now . 

You Have Reached Your Destination   


deviationstreetmagazine 101@gmail.com 

Deviation Street Issue 2

The Monochrome Set/ Dragomir Misima / Outside In / The Nightingales /Dmitry Sokolenko /Den Browne / Metropolis Art Collective / Jon Gordon .



Deviation Street issue 3 

Richard McGuire/ Jean Michel Basquiat / Johnny Brown/ Yonic/ Jimmy Galvin / Dmitry Sokolenko Snapped Ankles/  Den Browne / Jon Gordon