Dmitry Sokolenko

In the course of various experiments on the processes of mental fermentation, one particular question obsessed the governor-humanist Sergei Furgal – can something living really come from the spontaneous fermentation that occurs in a solution composed of bureaucrats? Since the time of Aristotle, scholars have struggled to understand the origin of living creatures in governmental structures. The famous heroes of The Terminator and Rocky II convinced Sergei Furgal to stop looking for an answer to this problem in natural history and philosophy, doubting he could find a solution other than the one proffered by one Pharaoh of the Ramses dynasty – a very boring theorem that states that Kafkaesque politics produces Alice in Wonderland economics. By sticking to carefully constructed plans and surmounting all hurdles with the help of simple and elegant experiments, Sergei Furgal disproved the spontaneous generation of living creatures and living thoughts – they all end up in a kind of nutrient stew in government facilities and agencies, and more often than not quickly perish. His well-considered and convincing arguments turned into spectacular events noted not only around the world, but even in Khabarovsk (Rus. Три горы, две дыры, тысяча портфелей…)! Still the question arises as to how Sergei Furgal himself lasted so long there… were his thoughts not entirely living, had he been vaccinated, or was he a saint? Or all together – was he nothing more than the vaccinated relics of a saint! Perhaps there was no need for him to survive since he was already a revenant. And so, I’m justified in suggesting this obituary – State Deputy of the Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Sessions V, VI, VII – Sergei Furgal is the pride of his region and his people. His name and his acts belong to all of humanity, and therefore all progressive people of the world remember him with gratitude and pay honor to his memory! 🚩

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