The Reconstructed Object

First, a domestic diversion, I have a mug which on one side reads “The Best Things In Life” …  no doubt a statement to ponder as the kettle comes to the boil. On the reverse side the words say  “Aren’t Things” and so it is – the best things in life really aren’t things at all .

The UncleThe Uncle/Brian Gibson Continue reading “The Reconstructed Object”

Synesthesia / Shunsuke Ohno

noun: synesthesia the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body In this fast moving 24/7 realm of  constant streaming information, it’s fascinating   that it is the still image of the photograph that has become so prolific in our everyday lives. Today everyone is a photographer – a … Continue reading Synesthesia / Shunsuke Ohno

Uncooked Culture

Sejin Park . The Woods of Nostalgia My mind wandering,  I couldn’t say clearly when the  precise moment was. When I first became aware of Uncooked Culture or indeed the exact details of how I came to meet up with its founder Chutima Kerdpitak, only to say that we did meet up. This happened when putting together an exhibition entitled “Bloodlines” showing artists work which … Continue reading Uncooked Culture

Call Out 1: Are You Experienced ?

Do you have you have experience in publishing, editing or marketing?  Or would you like to gain some experience in any of these areas?  Then we might be right up your street. Since its inception, Deviation Street has recently re-emerged ( March 2017 ) from the ashes of its 1977 fanzine into a nice little wordpress blog, with contributors from all over the place (literally) … Continue reading Call Out 1: Are You Experienced ?

A Night Out At The Marquee Den Browne

Many thanks to Den Browne for an amazing chapter of his book Padlocks recounting going to an X Ray Spex gig with Sid & Nancy. Thanks to various fan sites, Den thinks this was probably on 26.10.77. but who was counting then  ? Eton Avenue original photographs credited to Rachel Fernandez,  digital drawing and tweaks  by Brian Gibson . When Sid and Nancy moved into our … Continue reading A Night Out At The Marquee Den Browne

I Am A Cliche

Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché In a previous post 12 Great 7 inch singles and their artwork I wrote about how Albums credit  the artists who produce the artwork but singles cover  usually don’t . Ive been trying to track down some of  the names of the  artists and thanks to  The Art of Punk  have been able to acquire one or two … Continue reading I Am A Cliche

Loony Bin

Its Sunday evening here and some fabulous pen drawings by Shiloh Schatzkamer of Portland Oregon have found there way onto Deviation Street. What is so good about these images is that they are an uncomplicated blend of simple line and surreal vision, that offer up a world that is both playful and disturbing and at times somehow uncannily familiar . Brian Gibson       … Continue reading Loony Bin