Straight Road / Johny Brown

The 3rd instalment of a tale from the metropolis by Johny Brown  , We have reached the Months of June and July . David ventures further into the city .  Read on …. JUNE The city was bucking the national trend for austerity and flourishing culturally as a consequence. David wanted to be a part of it all and in a considered manner threw himself into … Continue reading Straight Road / Johny Brown

Call Out

Call out for anyone who attended Bath Festival of The Blues in 1970 . I am interested in gathering images and stories which will form part of an exhibition in April . So if you were there or know of anyone who was there do let me know via  here or Thanks   Continue reading Call Out

A Day At The Museum /A Tale of Two Worlds / Part 1/ Bunny Shepard

Take the S Bahn to Konstablerwache, stroll down  Fahrgasse and down on to Berliner Strasse then take a right onto  Dom Strasse … you have reached your destination . Frankfurt MMK , The Frankfurt  Museum für Moderne Kunst .  From the outside this building resembles in bricks and mortar a triangular three layered slice of post modernist cake filled with the  spread of German Expressionism , … Continue reading A Day At The Museum /A Tale of Two Worlds / Part 1/ Bunny Shepard


  Deviation Street is delighted to be presenting in a serialised format (Every Sunday, just like The Archers, only far far better )   THE STRAIGHT ROAD   A Bastard Modern Fairytale of London by Band Of Holy Joy founder and frontman Johny Brown.  Episode 1. January – March   JANUARY In a certain borough there lived an oversized Patriarch. This man had two offspring and life was … Continue reading THE STRAIGHT ROAD / Johny Brown

The Voice of an Artist / Brian Gibson

I am an artist and this artist’s voice has whispered, shouted and screamed in order to be heard or gain some solitude.  I have often been incoherent; going off at a tangent; at times a rambling ranting stream of consciousness; a box full of wordless sounds, switching between that internal and external dialogue/monologue, losing my way, then finding some part of myself in pools of … Continue reading The Voice of an Artist / Brian Gibson

Deep Purple / Natalie Parsley

Many thanks to Artist and Writer Natalie Parsley  for this article on the recent work of John Akomfrah . We look forward to running a feature on Natalie’s own work  in the near future . You can visit her own blog via Here’s her article.   Deep Purple It would be both wonderful and daunting at the same time to have access to the amounts of … Continue reading Deep Purple / Natalie Parsley