Pete Astor

WE ARE BACK ! Better late than never ,  Where have we been ? Holidaying on some Greek Island ,somehow I don’t think so. More like coughs colds a broken laptop and trail of  forgotten passwords . Thankfully we are back, better, bigger,  stronger …or something like that. Totally on top of our game , we kick of the closing days of February 2020 with … Continue reading Pete Astor

Forty Years On: Jon Savage / Joy Division

Forty Years On: Jon Savage and Joy Division Hey, looks like its anniversary time again. Take your pick – the moon landings, an assassination or 2, the Manson murders, the Woodstock festival, my A-levels… after a while it all starts to blur, these little landmarks scratched in the paintwork of time… Jon Savage “This Searing Light, the Sun and Everything Else – Joy Division, the … Continue reading Forty Years On: Jon Savage / Joy Division

Truck Fest 2019

Words and images Sarah Harrington I hate to tell you, lovely hapless security guard, but there wasn’t really water in that water bottle. Praise be for the rise in metal water bottles.  I was not alone in downloading the Spotify playlist of the weekend in order to prepare. Prepare I suppose for at least knowing what the artists sounded like and definitely knowing two of … Continue reading Truck Fest 2019


Balloon Dir: Michael Herbig 2019, Germany Photograph: Marco Nagel/Studiocanal GmbH It can sometimes seem as if the ability to make a genuinely nerve shredding thriller (as opposed to a very creepy horror film) is something of a lost art, but cinema critic Barry Normal has just seen one of the best actual thrillers he can remember, and it’s one with a very interesting twist – … Continue reading Balloon

Get Folked, a love letter to Broadstairs Folk Week.

  I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist this title. It has, after all, been the chant of this festival for as long as my memory recalls. As I am sure you have guessed, it has less to do with broad, rich weaving together of cultures and craftsmanship, and rather more to do with the 9% cider we drink every year in the same bookshop-come-micropub. A friend … Continue reading Get Folked, a love letter to Broadstairs Folk Week.

The Winged Horse Overdoes It.

. It has cost billions of dollars to make and has brought in even more billions of dollars for Marvel’s present owning company Disney. Undoubtedly Avengers – Endgame is a film of the year if not actually the decade, and now that the film has received such a positive response from many other commentators, film critic Barry Normal asks ‘exactly what are we watching ?’ … Continue reading The Winged Horse Overdoes It.

The Fantasy Orchestra album launch.

Sarah Harrington I’m tempted to write ‘self-consciously wacky’, but self-conscious’ isn’t really the correct wording. They’re conscious alright, but it’s acknowledged with a tight shrug of excitement. It’s a novelty that hasn’t worn off for anyone yet. The costumes themselves weren’t a big reveal; in any sense really. If you know one thing about The Fantasy Orchestra it’s that they like a costume. A grown … Continue reading The Fantasy Orchestra album launch.