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kppeter pth Peter Perrett  The Only Ones

11-28-2012_049 Iggy March 1977

richardh305Richard Hell

ian duryIan Dury A bunch of Stiffs Tour

stJ J Burnel

Mick Jones Oct 28 1977

Deviation Street  issue 3 , the final issue of the 1977 fanzine ,short lived and cram packed with some real gems.  That include interviews with Richard Hell , Mink De Ville , The Tubes , The Only Ones and Tom Robinson Band. Then there are the reviews of live gigs, Iggy Pop, The Adverts , The Clash, The Stranglers and Penetration.

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There was no 4th Deviation Street. I think we all just moved onto other things . I don’t recall any fall out or any major decision being announced, it just seemed to happen  or not happen in no big deal way.  John and I joined the Washington band The MPS on bass and vocals. They had been reviewed earlier by us in Issue 1 , so we must have been impressed. Notable moments were supporting Wah Heat and Pink Military , making our own ep on our  own Acid Nose label and having a darn good time.  “Fun and Games” as our then manager Prof would say.

Here are some photos that didnt make it into the Fanzine at the time. Richard Hell, Mick Jones , Paul Simonon , The Stranglers and The Only Ones .

kppeter pth

Hugh Cornwell and JJ Burnell  post gig back stage 197710-9-2012_002

10-9-2012_003Found two unpublished photographs taken by Bri Nylon of the original fanzine Deviation Street of The Ramones  Live  DEC  1977  at Newcastle City Hall .


Ramones 77

Found .. some more images from the vaults of Deviation Street Fanzine 1977. Today its Johnny Thunders .


Another 16 pages of Deviation Street 1977 , this time its issue two which was 30p at the time. Once again many thanks to Mala Reay for preserving and  scanning these pages . Plenty to read about, such as an interview with Tony James of Generation X  as well as gig reviews of local bands The Mps , Speed and The Big G as well as the Sex Pistols and The Adverts.

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Here it is,  The complete first 1977 issue of Deviation Street.  Kevin Anderson came up with the idea and approached John Evans (aka Johny E) and myself (aka Bri Nylon ) to co found a fanzine, as writer and photographer and partaking of all those other bits  and bobs that ensured Deviation Street went to press and got into record stores and into the hands of readers. A big thank to Mala Reay for  generously scanning these images from his own preserved copies .

So…Sixteen pages worth of Deviation Street,with early interviews with Penetration ,The Jam , The Stanglers and The Vibrators plus an album review of  Rock and Roll with The Modern Lovers by Johny E . Enjoy

Brian Gibson

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