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Welcome to Deviation Street.  A site for readers, writers, artists and musicians who span the creative spectrum.

In the beginning …  a gig .Monday  June 6th 1977 the day before the Queens  Silver Jubilee celebrations and all those countless street parties. Less than two weeks previous, the Sex Pistols had released a follow up  their smash single and Christmas debut Anarchy In The UK with God Save The Queen.  There was rhythm …  momentum, in Newcastle Upon Tyne a gig, 75p a ticket with a line up headed by The Adverts followed by Penetration and Harry Hack and The Big G the fourth band, not mentioned on the posters or ticket stubs are from Manchester and are called Warsaw , a few months later they change their name to Joy Division . Set over,  Ian Curtis can be seen amid the audience  pogoing energetically to the sounds of Don’t Dictate and Bored Teenagers .  Except, we are not bored, weeks earlier we had witnessed The Clash , The Slits and Vic Godard’s Subway Sect and everything is happening so fast . John Evans and I start to have a conversation at the bar with Kevin Anderson . Together we decide to create a Fanzine and title it Deviation Street after a Mick Farren and The Deviants track ( John and I are impressed by Kevin’s knowledge of such things ). Within a short while we   produce a fanzine fuelled by  youthful passion, going to gigs, writing,  taking photographs and getting interviews with the likes of Talking Heads,  Richard Hell and The Jam. It is a spirited enterprise and like most fanzines exists for a few issues before petering out over the horizon into a fog of obscurity.

Fast forward  to a time just before the revival of interest in all things Punk. I’m exhibiting a piece of artwork in Stoke Newington , where I meet up with Punklore  broadcaster, creative force behind  The Band Of Holy Joy and friend Johnny Brown.  Johnny was also at that pre Jubilee gig and so we talk of days past and the emerging interest in all things Punk . By the time 2017 comes along, I decide to revive  Deviation Street as a blog, with the same ramshackle off kilter DIY ethos of the original    Deviation Street fanzine but covering a wider creative spectrum . It goes well and from this emerges issue 1 in the spring of 2018.  A new and independent  publication of art and music and what’s happening  in the margins.

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