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Welcome to Deviation Street.  A site for readers, writers, artists and musicians who span the creative spectrum.

Originally Deviation Street  began as a Fanzine:  Begun in  1977 by 3 inspired kids,  Kevin Anderson  (who came up with the idea), John Evans and myself . We ran the fanzine with youthful passion, writing, going to gigs, taking photographs and getting   interviews with the likes of Talking Heads and The Jam.  Like many other spirited ventures, it ran for only 3 issues, each of us going off  in different directions.

Fast forward to late 2017 and the relaunch of  Deviation Street as a new and independent  publication / site and rooted in the DIY ethos of the original. Issue 1 appears in the spring of 2018,  a 62pg  magazine of art and music and what’s happening  in the margins.

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