Deviation Street update ….. Changes ……. part-1

What’s that song, that painting, that book? The one that came along at the right time right place. The one that took you elsewhere or reaffirmed and confirmed what you already knew but had somehow put to one side.

Images, sounds and words have the power to transform lives in the creative realm I would say that’s mostly in a good way. In the political world such things become propaganda, and we all can see and feel the impact that is making on our lives and the lives of others. In the creative realm (for want of a better term) there is a lot of crap but that is ok because we acquire our own taste for what we like and dislike.  There’s a book in the back of my mind gently simmering away that I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into during those (rare) silent autumnal evenings.

Changes … I’m not too sure about how much control we actually have over our own lives but the onset of Covid -19 changes has certainly brought a bucket full. Responses have been varied but basically it’s been a case of choosing either to adapt (where simply just  coping has been good enough)  or to double down, deny what’s going and cast blame elsewhere.

Here, in the neighbourhood of Deviation Street a decision was made to cast aside the notion of another magazine /broadsheet launch and focus on the development of a new website. One with more user engagement and also with an online shop/store.  Thankfully, this project is near completion. Same address, just think of it as a makeover,  maybe akin to one of those TV programs you end up watching ,  perhaps sceptical, that they can transform a particular house /garden into something that  impresses even you. Except it’ not Tv or a show home it’s a website dealing in IMAGES  SOUNDS & WORDS from across the creative spectrum  around the world be they artists who are self-taught , self-published, independent or mind bendingly brilliant .

More to follow but for now here’s a preview of some of the Deviation Street t-shirts that we will be selling online.   If your reading this and get back to us before the launch of the new site and store  then there’s a  20% discount on our £25.00 hand printed screen-print t’s and 25% on our £20.00 vinyl logo t’s   which is £20.00 and £15.00 excluding  p&p rates for UK EU and R.O.W

Drop a line to  stating your size and colour and we will get back to you with all the info re payments and delivery dates.

Cheers / love your street /stay safe

Brian Gibson

Deviation Street Magazine Founder

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