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Coming from the West Country, it is intensely exciting seeing a local band become literally the best band operating at the moment. I cannot overstate how much I love everything about them and all they do and they can do no wrong. I am in IDLESmania and they are my golden boys.

So, you can imagine the, some would say, exhausting level of rabid enthusiasm that I lapped up this track with when it dropped last Tuesday. Immediately, it is classic IDLES, with the ominous, circling guitar lines — eeling about the mix like grass snakes prepared to pounce. Jon’s drums are perfectly levelled, brutally abrasive and, as ever, dizzyingly danceable; it’s as if I’m expected to cut absolute shapes to this one. Not to dismiss Dev and his driving low-end work, but it’s definitely refreshing to hear the group go in a more guitar/riff-focused direction ala Brutalism, after JAAAOR‘s exceedingly bassy classics.I won’t lie and tell you that a rush of adrenaline didn’t immediately hike up my spine as soon as I heard Joe bellow “I am I/And I intend to go, go, go” because I too was ready to fucking gO. Especially in our absolute 0/10 of a year so far, the aggressive, punch-you-in-the-face optimism that IDLES deal in is exactly what we need, and it is in spades with the almost-venomous “YOU CAN DO IT” in the choruses. Furthermore, while I’m not totally crazy about the “Joe Cal-fucking-Zaghe” bridge in the middle, the lines about Kathleen Hanna and David Attenborough more than makes up for it. The scattered structure of these paragraphs may give you insight, however, into my pure glee with this track, though, and I am just chomping at the bit for more.

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Milo White is the co founder and editor of a cultural coping mechanism

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