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Sleepy Dog is a musician based in North Carolina, who lives up in the mountains and is into playing Mid West Emo / Math Rock, that’s if you want to put your music into a category, for the sake of convenience. opening conversations or genre defining playlists, such terms serve as useful points from which to proceed. For me I hear the Math Rock riffs and influences but I also hear to talent of someone who is on his own creative pathway forging their own way forward to who knows where ? He already has two albums under his belt, 2018’s Amor Fati and 2019’s Graduation and another due out this August he is well on the way . His posts on you Tube and Instagram are generating a lot of interest and we at Deviation Street were able to catch up with him and throw a few questions his way.

Amor Fati 2018

DS: What was the 1st piece of music that really mattered to you ? 

Sleepy Dog: This is so hard. Wow…I’m going back to high school days. Rather than a piece of music, I’d say there was a time in music that really mattered to me. Probably around the early – mid 2010s. My best friend’s older sister was going to university at Chapel Hill and she’d always show me new music that really resonated with how weird my taste was. There was so much out at the time. I was inspired, more than anything. I feel like the early 2010s was the birth of what most of us know as “indie music” today. Sadly, it’s washed away in the sense of commercialization and social media, but hey.. All great things come to an end. So in terms of actually answering your questions. I’d say the 3 albums that mattered to me the most and still do in inspiration, sound, and really describing my emotions would be “The Birth” by Stardeath And White Dwarfs, “The Orchard” by Ra Ra Riot, and “In Ear Park” by Department Of Eagles

DS: If you could record with anyone (dead or alive ) who would it be? 

SD: I really don’t know to be honest. I’m so awkward, they probably wouldn’t want to play with me anyhow haha

Sleeepy Dog & friend having a beer or two / photo Wes Naylor

DS: When and where are you most creative?

SD: 3AM – My bedroom/living room 

DS: What guitar do you work with the most?

SD: I’ve been wondering that myself for years. To be honest, I feel like each instrument represents a particular part of my life when I played it the most. I go through phases with my guitars. I used a green Danelectro on early tracks like “seven hundred miles”. My first album was solely recorded with my old Fender Offset Tele. Pleased to Meet You/Amor Fati were recorded with my Rickenbacker and a few songs on my Gibson SG. 

DS: We are amid a global pandemic, what uplifts you ?

SD: Just breathing; being thankful that I have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. Some people are really really struggling out here. 

DS: Long play records have been around 70 years ,recorded music about twice that. What’s the oldest piece of recorded music  you have which you cherish the most? 

SD: Funny enough, I listened to “For Smokers Only” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for years being one of my favorite albums, thinking it had come out in the 90s; only to find at this very moment that it came out in 2011 ahahah. I’m telling you, that early 2010s music hits different! 

DS: What are you currently reading, watching ,listening too ?

SD: I’m currently reading Tower Of God by S.I.U. – Chapter 403 and pushing. Questionably the best thing to happen to me over this quarantine. I haven’t really been watching much. Musically, I haven’t really been listening to much other than “Weak” by SWV on repeat for the last two months. Can’t even deny it lol

DS: Three artists / bands people should discover or  be listening to ? 

SD: Sun Ra, Knxwledge, Henrietta

DS: What’s are your favourite tracks  

SD: “Boatfriend” by Black Moth Super Rainbow or “Polish Girl” by Neon Indian 

DS: Do you have any live streamed gigs planned for, amid the current crisis.

SD: I don’t have any live streamed gigs planned, but my most cherished album that’s taken two yeas of work with my man Sleepdealer is dropping in August. It’s the only piece of work I’m truly proud of and I made a great friend along the way. There’s a little something for everyone in the world on it. I honestly can’t stop listening to it. Real tears in this record, I’ve never been so excited haha

DS: Finally … In the video for 21 Mutts your wearing a Real Madrid football jersey , so the question is … American Football or Spanish ?

SD: Spanish all day babyyyy

Thanks Sleepy, we look forward to the new album in August .

Graduation /photo Wes Naylor

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