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The message on my phone read Patrick Hogberg has been busy. That was back in February, pre  Covid -19 Pandemic , pre Lockdown days . I had meant to do something about the message but had only managed to ……. Then got pre-occupied with the whole of the virus thing and maintaining a relatively sane distance between myself and the mad tweets and so on and so forth.

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I’ve known about the work of Patrick  Hogberg since the days of Myspace, when that was THE platform for creative souls across the globe, to connect with each other. I remember the excitement of it all, Rene liked my work, Mike and I were going to show our work together, Pam was NY sassy, wise and wonderful. In Malmo Sweden Patrick was putting his work out there on myspace for the online world to see and hear.  I was drawn to it immediately, by instinct … it spoke to me in some way as they say.   I don’t remember which I was drawn to first his illustrations which were good crazed, naïve, funny and sharp or his songs which were equally crazed, naïve, funny and sharp.  It was like catching The Fall or Faust or The Residents for the 1st time and knowing that they have hit that sweet fragmented and twisted spot. Patrick listens to traditional Okinawan music, whilst reading the works of Sweden’s finest poet Thomas Transtromer and sips the occasional glass or two of Hungarian Tokaj, a wine that is dense and exotic with a rich spicy bouquet.  Are you getting the Picture?

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No? Ok imagine a movie, a dark Western or the next gritty TV series, think Breaking Bad Genre or whatever you like. A lone figure in the desert with his gun, maybe its High Noon 2020 cue the soundtrack. Something low fi for the hi fi and wi fi, an obscure song by an unknown bloke from Sweden  titled  All Will Die , All Will Cry  its loved by a couple of  music artists such as  Nick Cave or Jeff Mangum. Getting the picture ?  The song however is sung by  Patrick’s Wild West persona Pat  Highmountain,  (a homage to Pat Garrett who shot Billy The Kid) and it soon becomes the alt discovery of late 2020 and then it  gets covered by ????  . Getting the picture ? Songs for the post pandemic generation, Okinawan Western Music the next genre on your Spotify playlist  ..or maybe that doesn’t happen.  Either way I like the images and songs of Pat Highmountain  and I hope that you do too.   So pass it on.

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Bunny Shepherd 2020

To hear Patrik Highmountain  visit


You can also catch  Patrik  performing a short set  his songs  via Live stream  May 14th  7pm Swedish time , that’s 6pm GMT

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