New York 75th St – Dmitry Sokolenko

Today is a truly heroic day in my neighborhood! A café re-opened on 75th St. By the way, today is the 75th anniversary of Victory over the Fascists. I will mark this date with a parade of whiskey and cigars, I will march around all day and possibly even continue until tomorrow! It’s only a little while until the hairdressers open up… I’ve already had some philosophical thoughts about my head’s relevance in today’s world… why should it exist without the perfect haircut? But let’s not try to do everything immediately… let’s Re-Open step by step. Let’s talk about my grandfather – he had an ideal haircut. He drove a tank during the war. He drove a tank near Moscow. He had a license to drive a tank in cities and he used the license to drive around Smolensk. The he got an international tank drivers’ license and drove around Warsaw and Berlin. During these times, he must have seemed like Brad Pitt… yes, my grandfather’s haircut and facial expression were even similar. But we should note that the social distancing recommendations of that era were quite different from today’s. It was best to maintain a distance not of 6 feet but of 6 miles. As far as the “stay-at-your-bomb-shelter” order, there’s not much to say – the comfort level there was highly questionable. And the dieticians at that time were recommending eating anything you could find. They insisted that any type of food was good for you and it was best to eat at least something. Time naturally puts everything in perspective… we recall, for example, that in the 19th century, prisoners were fed lobster in Maine. But my strong opinion is that in our heroic times official recommendations should be reasonable. Friends, once more I congratulate you on the café opening! We are all true heroes! We await the next heroic re-opening… Barbershops!


Words and Image © Dmitry Sokolenko


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