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I first became aware of  The Stranglers was when two of my friends took a 300 mile trip  to London to see Patti Smith at The Roundhouse, they were the support band and Pete and Trish talked about them on their return with tales from the capital. That was May 1976 , today I read that Dave Greenfield passed away on the evening of May 3rd having contracted the virus after a prolonged stay in hospital for heart problems. Rest In Peace.

Our lives should be celebrated, so to honour the life of Dave Greenfield we are posting up from our archives an interview conducted  by Kevin Anderson in October  1977 when Deviation Street existed  in the form of a fanzine.  Time goes by and although  Dave Greenfield is not in this particular interview , it seems appropriate to post this up to honour a life in someway and to share the a moment from the past of seeing the Stranglers play. BG


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Kevin Anderson with Hugh Cornwell Oct 1977 © Brian Gibson/Deviation Street



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