Henry X – Lockdown Diaries


Lockdown has given me time to create. My first major work was ‘The Xavier Complex’ (2013) now on Spotify (spotify.com) under Henry X. I have various other pen names – ‘Henry X (Hangman)’, ‘Shayxpear’ and ‘Henry Xavier’, music you can also find on Spotify. My latest releases are ‘Crystal Myth’, an electronica based EP with explicit rap, and ‘The Beauty of Maximalism’, a poetry/rap fusion based album, under the profile of Henry Xavier.

I’ve been in so many psychiatric units that I have garnered a plethora of knowledge about all walks of life. I do not consider myself to be mentally ill, however I do consider myself changing my persona a lot of the time, which can lead to confusion in the worst cases. Currently I live in Bath, England, a very conservative small city where all the real pubs and nightclubs have shut down, the only music venues being elitist gastropubs (not welcoming my kind of music). I used to perform wherever I could, appearing in London, Bristol and Bath. I would like to get back on stage again one day.

I would describe my works as open minded and free to many interpretations. These are not tracks to relax to, rather than take in fully. I have a distinct dissatisfaction with mainstream music, perhaps with the exception of Morrissey and Bowie (yet they kind of fluttered between the two). I have studied history, politics, current affairs and relationships, all of which goes into my works. I have dabbled with religion. Currently I am developing my singing voice so that I can create songs. I feel a strong voice is required as I am not partial to soft voices. I am currently creating a song called ‘Rapped Up In A Dream’, which I am creating using Logic Pro on my Mac.

The Xavier Complex I would describe as eccentric, Xavier Von Musik as a rap based album and the Shayxpear album is experimental.

My name is Henry Xavier Woods, I am 36 years old and I enjoy all forms of the arts.

Thanks to Deviation Street Magazine for this brief article describing how you can access my goods for free. I also have music on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/shayxpear.”

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