Carlo Keshishian – Lockdown Diary

One of the first people that we interviewed for Deviation Street Magazine… was artist and broadcaster Carlo Keshishian.  You can revisit that article and his incredible artwork /meta doodles  via

the_intricacies_of_carlo_s_brainThe Intricacies of Carlo’s Brain, 1999 ink on canvas 

Carlo lives in South London with his partner and their 3yr old son Nemo.  We are grateful to Carlo for giving his time to share some aspects of  what’s going on for him  during this Lockdown period . Some great tracks and the ‘You Don’t No Mojack’ podcast is well worth seeking out.

Bunny Shepherd 

Carlo’s Lockdown Diary


I’ve been  writing in my diary.. which is probably the most condensed thus far. I’m currently around 8,000 words in and taking up maybe a third of the A4 page in my usual bubble text. Oh, I suppose I’ve been trying to get Nemo to draw a bit. He prefers to jump, run and climb. Still, we’ve done some ‘collaborations’ with varying ratio between us. As for music, though it feels as if I’m not listening to much for not wanting to subject the other inmates to my at times uncompromising taste, it appears I have actually gone through a fair bit of music on headphones and otherwise. Lately I’ve been on a sort of ‘Doom Metal’ kick. I’m not sure what makes this stuff ‘Doom Metal’ but it seems to fall into that category according to fans of the subgenre, and some other guitar based music..

diary progress april 2020Diary Progress April 2020 Carlo Keshishian 

The ‘Blood Lust’ LP by Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats,
the ‘Eternal Return’ LP by Windhand,
the self titled LP by Shrinebuilder (a supergroup with members of Neurosis, the Melvins, and Saint Vitus)..

I’ve been listening to Bongwater’s ‘Too Much Sleep’ LP,
various Bonnie Prince Billy albums but mainly ‘I See a Darkness’,

Frank Zappa – Studio Tan,

some Jazz of course:
the last couple of albums by saxophonist Muriel Grossmann,
Byard Lancaster – It’s Not Up To Us,
the ‘Swift Are the Winds of Life’ LP by Rashied Ali and Leroy Jenkins,
‘Members, Don’t Git Weary’ LP by Max Roach,
Billy Bang Sextet – Live at Carlos 1,
Adele Sebastian – Desert Fairy Princess, and others…

a bit of Hip Hop too..
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – No Need For Alarm and Future Development LPs,
the Juggaknots first LP

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts. Notably, for its uncompromising and meticulous format, one called ‘You Don’t Know Mojack’, which explores the SST Records catalogue. The releases dating back from the late ’70s are in the hundreds, and every episode corresponds to the record release number on the label. So episode 1 is all about the first release on the label, and so on. They are over a hundred episodes in now, so over a hundred releases in. To meet the current catalogue number will take them years yet. Most episodes feature interviews with musicians or recording engineers or other relevant individuals in relation to the record they are focussed on for that episode. Like many, I am a fan and know a lot of the first batch of records on the label, but there is so much more and things get quite obscure, and it’s interesting to hear such an in depth dive into the whole history of the label and its records. I quite like hearing some of the lesser known or forgotten artists I don’t know speak about a record they made thirty years ago, excited that someone is interested to hear about it, etc… There’s something I really dig about that.  Carlo Keshishian

You can check out Carlo’s jazz broadcasts and art via the links below.

N.B.  If you would like to contribute  to the Lockdown Diaries series ,with your story of how you are coping, managing to be creative ,what your reading, or listening to, simply drop us an e mail at 

Many thanks  Stay Safe  BG

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