NEW YORK – Good Friday – Dmitry Sokolenko – Lockdown Diary



I no longer know what I want from Friday. Am I looking forward to Friday evening? Though why would that be? Friday evening is now the same as every other evening. Or is today even Friday? Somehow I’ve completely lost track of the days of the week. Here’s what I really want – I really want the old sounds to come back and I want the new smells to go away!  It used to be that, walking in Central Park, you’d look up at the skyscrapers and there was only one sound coming from all those buildings!… just when you were in the park. All the buildings sound like a combination of the sounds of bicycle wheels on asphalt, the heavy breathing of runners, children’s laughter, snippets of conversation, the clicking of hooves, the squeaking of carriages and a whole lot of other stuff. That’s the sound the tall buildings used to have. That’s the sound I want back! About the new smells…why is it that no matter what new mask I use, no matter where I bought it or what type it is, as soon as I put it on, I immediately sense the smell of a bout of whiskey drinking combined with the nauseatingly sweet smell of cheap cigars…Why?  Is it just that I’m not lucky with masks or is everyone dealing with such a disgusting smell?  Or is it a conspiracy to make everyone sit home and not go out so they won’t have to deal with this mask smell? I really want to be free from this new smell in my life!

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