Lockdown Diary – Chris Brickley April 7 2020

We begin today with a Lockdown Diary from Chris Brickley . We interviewed Chris a few months back about his forthcoming book 16 Years: Gigs in Scotland 1974-1990 the interview was to appear in Issue 5 of Deviation Street ,which was due to be launched on the 10th May. . Of course everything has changed since then,  time has stopped still as we periodically mull over our best laid plans . Any way, here’s Chris’s Lockdown Diary  we will be posting up our interview in the next day or so.   BG



I’ve spent the last 18 months (evenings and weekends) compiling a photobook ’16 Years: Gigs in Scotland 1974-1990’, featuring largely unpublished/amateur crowd-shots and memorabilia. It’s become a huge project, as to my mind it has to be comprehensive. That’s been my ‘workstation’ – kitchen table, refurbed laptop with huge memory, big book of ‘page plans’ with images in position and a jotter full of notes on each venue. Irony, of course, is that lockdown came when I’d reached ‘P’ in the alphabet and was nearly home and hosed.

Sounds, well I’ve found that ambient stuff like early OMD, Kraftwerk, ‘The Affectionate Punch’, some Bowie, some Factory comps, some Blue Note and a bit of skinhead reggae has seen me through. When my eyes are goggling and I need a break, I nip next door with a glass and fire on some vinyl. Zone out.

The book was scheduled to appear early June, but will no doubt need to be postponed until people are circulating again. Projects like this pale when something like Corona throws everything into perspective.

I’ve put my music facebook page on hold, but one of (the book) co-sponsors was a noted bootlegger so he’s been posting amazing live stuff from Bowie to early punk, goth, Postcard bands, psychobilly etc. Fantastic archive it has become, due to the stuff people put on social media.

lockdown2CaptureAll images © Chris Brickley

Keep well


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