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 Gavin Tate is in lockdown on an island, not the St Helena where Napoleon was exiled to  but its about the same size, The Isle of Jersey near the coast of Normandy. Where in 1944 over  15,000 soldiers lost their lives between the months of April and May as part of the D-Day landings the ensuing battles of Operation Overlord, . Today another war rages, taking  over 70,000 lives to date , invisible and global the coronavirus Covid-19 has taken over our lives in ways that we could never have imagined. Not that long ago, we were posting an interview by Jon Gordon with Gavin, who spoke about the band he fronts The Gaa Gaas. We were all in a very  different place back then . Gavin has since returned back to the island of his birth place,  Jersey,  locked down in a hotel where he writes from his seemingly picturesque confinement about the new exile. He even performs one of his songs from there .  BG

GavIMG_3436View from Gavin’s hotel window

Nobody saw this coming, for better or for worse Coronavirus and Covid-19 has really grabbed us by the balls. Did you ever think you would see the day that they would shut every pub in the U.K.? The day that every business would close their doors? The day where you are laid off and told to stay at home or risk being fined and possibly jailed for not abiding to the new laws of The Pandemic? 2020 is no longer a year, it’s now a time of realisation of what can be so easily lost. Sports leagues shut down and concerts cancelled/postponed. Supermarket shelves emptied and restaurants forced to close.

GavIMG_3442Many lives taken in such a small period of time. Conspiracy theories amounting day after day. Was this man made? Did it come from North Korea or Russia? Why did Britain not close our borders sooner? It’s the first time we’ve seen the ever proud Donald Trump completely shell-shocked. Watching that 10,000 bed medic boat roll into New York harbour was eerie to say the least. Watching news footage of Rome on lockdown on 14th of March was frightening. Borders closed and airports shut down. Hospitals everywhere became overfilled chaos grounds. Death tolls rising daily. Funerals with sometimes just one family member right outside morgue facilities and when there was no room there, Ice Rinks were the next location to store the bodies. The NHS finally praised after being treated like dirt by the powers that be for so long! By far the most intense year on record. Let’s hope this all passes as soon as possible cause I’m dying for a pint of Guinness in the closet pub in vicinity! Love and safety to all.  Gavin Tate  / The Gaa Gaas

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