The Lockdown Diaries Dmitry Sokolenko – New Orleans

4:4:2020 This Is Not Zombie Land

Now we have learned the real price of the paper which we truly value. Friends, I have access to the black market in New Orleans not only for this valued paper, but also for soap and shampoo from the very best French Quarter hotels. Send me a private message. Discounts are possible. Although I’m not positive about the discounts. Also, everyone suddenly has more time. Earth has a chance to get a rest from us. I seriously hope the planet won’t be resting from us for long. We each now have time to determine what and who is most important to us. Of course what I have in mind is what holds special value for us after the valued paper, soap and shampoo. Personally, for me it’s definitely not the music of some sort of child, despite his elegant clothing… Although I heard that even this sheet music might have tremendous value in the future. We shall see.


This is not Zombieland. Everyone simply ran off when I arrived with a beer the name of which is impossible to pronounce aloud or to write on social networks. Once Coney Island provided the inspiration for the Met Opera’s production of Così fan tutte! By the way, Mozart chocolates will be unavailable for two weeks in concert halls and at the opera. What’s left for us? Let’s get together on the roof today –– we’ll drink some whiskey, smoke a cigar and sing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python! Where’s the silver lining? Well, there are no lines at the museums, since they are closed. Enjoying vanilla ice cream on the roof this evening is also possible, but only in accordance with The Law of Diminishing Returns!

This is not Zombieland.

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