Changes #5

Hello again

  1.  One thing and another and the Covid-19 Virus has resulted in the delay of Deviation Street number 5 . We were due to launch on Sunday May 10th at Komedia Bath but obviously because of the virus and the changes that have come about , we are moving that date to somewhere around July now.
  2.  That said we have some cracking content and will be posting up a number of articles,  such as album, book and zine reviews as well as features on topics such as Armenian Graffiti (ancient & modern) and 16 Years: Gigs in Scotland 1974-199,   along with interviews with artist Andrea W Wright and video maker Theo Watkins and The Art of Being Invisible  by Disability Arts Online, Editor Colin Hambrook.
  3.  During this period of Self Isolation our intention is to develop the online side of things. Being and beginning as a DIY Independent publication, we need all the help we can get. I myself have a limited amount of knowledge about artists ,music and film which I am quite happy to rant on about till the seagulls return to their coastal dwellings  but when it comes to the realm of online tech,  I cant tell my URL from my http. So, if there are any distance, online, live streaming, conference calling ,interlinking  savvy folk who can give up a bit their time to help develop Deviation Street please give us a knock on our none existent  door, better still contact us via deviationstreet101@gmail  and say hello.
  4.  As we have an open door policy (more or less ) we welcome new writers, poets, visual story tellers, from the margins and beyond, so drop us an email if you think that you have something that fits in (or doesn’t quite) with the way were are.  Hopefully we can get something online every few .
  5.  Wash your hands .  I would like to sincerely thank all those, who have contributed to Issue 5 and a future Issue 6 . Some people are fantastic, generous as well as talented and skilled in their particular field.   I wont say too much more here,  as I have been watching too many press briefings to the Nation (UK and America) and as a consequence  my head can get filled up the voices of either Boris and Trump..  Perhaps this is why art, words and music are so important right now , as Billy Connolly said recently on TV  “More people should listen to comedians and fewer people should listen to politicians . They should listen to comedians and poets, they’re telling the truth”  I would also like to include writers, artists and musicians who endeavour to reveal their truths. Find your language, speak it, share it and learn to listen.  Stay safe
  6. Love your Street                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Bunny Shepard 

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