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Anthony Stevens

Is a self – taught artist, who lives in Brighton. Between 2011 and 2013  he started periodically making artwork, initially as a coping mechanism. It was his way of dealing with a series of life’s knockbacks which seriously battered his confidence. From 2013 he began to work on a daily basis after he made the decision that this is what he was going to do no matter what. Since then, he has had all manner of adventures happen connected to his art practice, things that he didn’t think as being possible in his earlier life, such as being represented by the Copenhagen Outsider Art gallery and Outside In. Over the past 5 years or so, he has exhibited in group and solo shows in Brighton, London, Coventry, Newcastle, Yorkshire, Devon, Berlin, Frankfurt, Rodenas and Copenhagen.

Willfull IgnoranceWillful Ignorance / Anthony Stevens

To make the decision to pursue his own creative path is best summed up in his own words

” If you have a desire to do something, don’t wait for someone else to give you permission, just start where you are and you will eventually begin to see the next steps on your path. That path might not be the formal or socially recognised one, but it doesn’t matter, just keep going. Doing something creative will also enable you to pull stuff out of yourself that you didn’t know was there and make your inner life far richer and deeper and your life experience better.  I would also say to be inspired by others is wonderful but don’t compare yourself to them as it’s a useless and painful exercise. “

What it means to be us is not to be them 2019What it means to be us, is not to be them / Anthony Stevens  2019

“My work is about expressing and processing trauma and it’s after-effects. I guess it’s me dancing with my inner dynamics so that I can find a rhythm that is both constructive and wonderful. My work is heavily influenced by my practice of Nichiren Buddhism and chanting ‘Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo’, especially the concept of ‘Nothing is wasted’. This has become manifest by my choosing to work primarily with scrap fabrics. By choosing to do this, I am forced to look creatively and perceive potential in what may seem to be useless and beyond repair. This is in direct correlation with how I strive to perceive my life and my experiences. As with life, it is sometimes a painstaking and frustrating process, but ultimately I feel joy and satisfaction with the result”

I have still to decline western civilisation 2019 H95cm x W75cmI still have to decline Western Civilisation / Anthony Stevens 2019
You can view more of Anthony’s incredible work by simply copy and paste the links below.  You won’t be disappointed. / Bunny

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