A Quiet Life / Silence is a Rhythm Too

Its been a busy but quiet time of late here. That is to say, we’ve been busy here but quite quiet in terms of social media. Well, as The Slits so succinctly put it  Silence is a Rhythm Too.  Unfortunately for us, Tristan,  who did such a fantastic job with the layout of issue 3 has left to find pastures new or something akin to that, we wish him well. So with that news, we’ve been on the lookout for someone skilled in In Design who can work on Issue 4.

Once again we have some cracking content. We have an article on  Impresario and founder of Factory Records  Tony Wilson going back to his days as a student. An interview with the artist and musician Broose Dickenson , who decided to change the spelling of his name to avoid any confusion with that guy from Iron Maiden and any issues around royalty cheques I guess.

b1 Broose Dickenson

We have a travelblog from Jonas Golland  Percussionist with The Tiger Lillies who gives us an account of their recent venture into Russia.

P1010296The Tiger Lilies

We also have an interview with Outsider Artist (I know, it’s such a contentious term) Kate Bradbury who fantastical drawings and 3D work take you elsewhere.

Kate Bradbury_ The Brakemen_ ink pen on chinese scroll paper_ 14x13cm_ 5.5x5 inchesKate Bradbury

We also an interview with Photographer  Meryl Meisler with images from her recent NY Disco Era book  A Tale of Two Cities.

fs0dOBDfMeryl Meisler / Village People

And we have a whole lot more of wholesome nourishing hybrid art and music material to feast upon thanks to writers such as Den Browne,  Dmitry Sokelenko, Jon Gordon and Sarah Harrington.

And if your interested in joining us with your creative skills then (that means you !)  drop us a line via  Bunny Shepard  deviationstreet10@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you asap.

Love your Street


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