Two Zero One Nine and The Year of Grime and Wine

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image Patrik Hoberg

Greetings ! It’s 2019 and so not only is this the first blog in a while it’s also the first on the new year . Random thoughts, such as the notion of Grime and Wine Night, a beginners guide to which wines are best suited for drinking  whilst listening to the likes of Dizzy Rascal, Stomzy and Skepta ? An intense smokey cherry   Rioja,ever so elegant on the palate an ideal choice  for those syncopated 140 bpm backbeats, or a Sauvignon Blanc with lashings of passion and coastal fruitiness from those noisy kids from Blackpool . Where the vineyard and kids are exposed to some of the toughest growing conditions in the North West : where high unemployment, sea air, cool nights and rainfall produces a smaller, thicker-skinned lyrical flavour ..

This was one of the notions mooted over the festive season, who knows ? What started out in jokey conversation might actually become a reality , if not by us then by some enterprising bod elsewhere , Maybe there is already in existence a nightly guided tour called Booze and The Beats weaving its way through the streets of New York as I write this,

But enough of such intoxicating detours , whats the word on Deviation Street . Well.. we’ve been kinda busy and quiet at the same time.  Which means basically things are pretty much the same as they were in 2018, we are still a ramshackle bunch of folk ,meandering this way and that . Bringing together a range of disparate elements to create a functioning community of fairly like minded people.  People who stumble and whose lives stutter and flow rather than the win win win mentality of authoritarian jerkmanship.

Image Brian Gibson

So, expect more of the same from us, reviews, words, interviews, essays, images and maybe the odd surprise. A hybrid of Art and Music and other stuff that our contributors bring in with them.  We are currently working on Issue 3 of the magazine , our original intention was to create some efficient machine like publication, churning out an issue every 3 months , that has yet to become a reality , in 2018 we produced Issue 1 and 2 and even a smaller 2.5 . These are still available / pack of all three for £12,00 .  interviews include film maker and prankster Joey Skaggs , Founder of the creative org Outside In Marc Steene . Painter Dragomir Misina . True  Tales from Den Browne . Fiction from Dmitry Sokolenko , The Monochrome Set , The Nightingales  and from Berlin,Camera and plenty more hard copy material to browse and read through .  Have a rosy 2019 and thanks for sticking with us .. xx




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