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Deviation Street / The Street as A Platform / From Street Smart to Smart Street

The call out is for artists of differing disciplines to explore the notion of the Street as a platform encompassing 3 different elements which are interwoven

  1. The traditional notion of the Street as a collection of buildings on either side of a public road found in cities towns and villages across the globe .The street provides a space for living and social interaction, positive and negative , be they horizontal or vertical The street functions as a  place in which people live, where we  are known and unknown where we can find privacy where we  step out into the world and become visible .


  1. The Smart Street .. The Street is rapidly becoming a site for unseen interactions beyond the use of power cables and utility services via the application digital technology. Although unseen, platforms such as social media are never the less mechanisms which have been constructed by the few for the many. Does the emergence of the smart street enhance or reduce the autonomy of our day to day lives.


  1. The Street as a site for the unseen and the unknown. Where does the “collective unconscious” a term coined by Carl Jung just over a hundred years reside within the framework of the Street. Does the landscape of the psyche exist beyond that of the personal?  Will the Streets of the future emerge from small collectives of people sharing their dreams and aspirations across borders and different time zones, occupying both the realms of real life and virtual worlds.


Deviation Street is a hybrid venture cutting across creative paths of art and music. Originally a fanzine of the Punk era, its re incarnation has broadened its content whilst retaining values that are still rooted in a DIY ethos. The magazine was launched as a quarterly magazine in April 2018.   We also maintain an online blog which launched in 2017. This is an open forum and provides a contrast to the edited content of the magazine. The blog has showcased the creative work of writer’s Illustrators and has had over 6,.000 views to date. Our contributors are local, national and international.  As a developing team we have recently set up an ad hoc art space at 44AD studios (September 2018) and have promoted local bands through a launch event (Oct 2018)





Deviation Street at 44AD Gallery 2018    29089696_192674304672818_8368576053488123904_n

            Participating artist Sophie Lo


ds2  The Street as a unified or fragmented environment


Deviation Street Magazine Issue 2




Poster 2Deviation Street Posters 2018

Brian Gibson

Deviation Street  Blog

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