Ad hoc at 44AD

davWhen 44AD offered Deviation Street offered us the use of a gallery space for a week recently, we jumped at the chance of working within such a space at short notice . Setting up Monday and Tuesday we opened on Wednesday and run for 5 days . The last time we exhibited at 44AD was back in April when we launched our magazine and showcased the work of several of the artists who have contributed to the magazine . Organising such an event took quite a while , with some of the work coming from America and mainland Europe – we are still part of Europe . Anyway, all that stuff aside,  working within a much shorter time period we had to think on our feet as to what to do. There would also be the addition of group show ( where I got to choose the theme )  and an installation by Andrea Wright  in the two other gallery spaces..More about these two shows later .


Detail of Andrea Wright’s installation


What we came up with was to produce a space where the work would be participatory and  evolve on a day to day basis.  Make it up as we go along … so we placed four sheets of paper across four wall , and invited people to come long and draw , write,  doodle or just generally do there thing . As a first off its worked out ok ,  we didn’t really get to tell a lot of people about it as we were kind of busy, with the proofs of edition 2 of the magazine coming back to us the same week, but we have had a steady flow of people coming in looking around and taking pen to paper or brush to guitars . dav

Our Pick and Play , with its pianola scroll and precursor to the magnetic sound tape or reel to reels and cassettes went down very well . Basically visitors could select a  tape of their choice to play ,favourites were the home mix tapes of titled Driving Along and Picnic Tape as well as Talk Talks Spirit Of Eden which brought on a burst of creativity to four visitors.,dav

It was really great to see them in full flow quietly drawing away with The Rainbow playing in the background . dav

Gradually the empty spaces were getting filled. some with cartoons ,portraits and text or just abstract mark making . dav





A guy and a drawing of himself .

Seeing both adults and children really engage with the project was a buzz. Some people even came back several times to either work on something that they had started earlier or just to start something new and maybe add on to some one else’s work  dav

The project ends Sunday 23rd 4pm  and we will either cut to completed work up and create a several handmade books of the art work or roll up our scrolls and unfold for another event . dav

What I do know is that our next event will be taking part at The Bell Lounge on Fri Oct 19 where there will we 3 bands playing and we will have issue 2 on sale in glorious full colour  for our new price of £4.99.


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