Zines n things / 44AD Gallery 19-23 Sept

Where were we  ?

1977? Maybe , but in the here and now too.

Poster 3

This week Deviation Street are delighted to have a space at 44AD Gallery Bath in which to basically play around with stuff , ideas and material mostly . It will be an ad hoc event from 12-5pm each day (1.00-4.00 pm Sunday) working with the notion of the Zine as a starting point . Every day we and visitors will be creating our  own zines and art work . Cutting out, pasting , writing , mark making that sort of thing .  People can chose to take their work away with then (though we would like to document it photo wise) or leave . ON the Sunday we will be binding together some artists books which we will either sell blind  at a fixed price or possibly auction . Who Knows ?

Poster 2

Working within the space of the back, ground floor gallery  for 4 and a half days making it up as we go along  is quite a venture and a departure from the usual practice of  putting together an exhibition or the layout of our magazine. It will be interesting to see how they compare and differ from the Fanzines of 1977 . Over the years I managed to loose quite a few (most) of my  zines (along with some fine albums rare singles and “autographs” ) but i did bring two off the bookshelf . A first copy of Scrap Metal and the 4th issue of New Wave . They are quite impressive ,  5th n 6th formers and unemployed kids writing about what they wanted to write about , full of passion and a sense of excitement about the emergence of a new kind of music scene which has now been comodified  into just another genre playlist.


Scrap Metal No 1 1977 and New Wave No 4 1977

Ok … its not 1977 anymore, its 2018 and there is still  that need for people to get together and be creative  , be it writing or mark making or making a sound . There is something in starting from scratch ,clueless and having a go . So writers ,poets ,painters come to 44AD Gallery and make a magazine …cut-out shapes …


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