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Hello , thanks for looking here ..this was just going to be a little update on whats been happening in terms of Deviation Street  and Deviation Street Magazine but it may end up like one of those lengthy bed sit  letters (crammed into envelopes )  that people used write to each other. We shall see …ds 2 pg1

The original Deviation Street Fanzine / issue 2  Selling at 30p a copy

Firstly we are happy to announce that Issue 2 of our Magazine  will be out very soon, with plenty of the  good stuff inside .  In no particular order we have : an interview with The Monochrome Set by Jon Gordon as well as interview s with the artist Dragomir  Misina


Dragomir Misina in his studio

along with an interview with  Mark Steene  the Founder and  Director of Outside In an arts organisation that has been providing a platform for artists who find it difficult to access the art world. We also have a feature on The Metropolis Collective, operating out of small town America from the wonderfully  named  Mechanicsburg  P.A. where folk are producing some very interesting art work (and events )  at a grass roots level  .IMG_5543

A Night Out At The Metropolis Collective

We also have two amazing stories, One from  Dmitry Sokolenko


Dmitry Sokelenko

A writer from Russia  who should not  be mistaken  for a Russian Spy, he  tells the fabulous tale of The Riddle of Pots and Pans and then   a true story by  Den Brown who sheds a welcome  light on life of his then flatmates , the  infamous Sid and Nancy with  his  A Night At the Marquee. I hope that gives you a flavour of whats in there and whets your appetite appropriately.

TMSMainz (1)

The Monochrome Set

Getting the 2nd issue out of the Magazine has been a bit like getting that  notorious difficult second album out (or is it the 3rd ? ) either way there have been a few delays since our first publication .  Thankfully we are now on a roll and have a  PUBLISHER who go by the name of  Rats Tales ,This means that not only will we be producing a full colour issue quarterly, we will also be selling the Mag at £5.00 .  We  will still continue with our ramshackle ways,ambling between Art and Music and the things that we value and  still  working  on a small scale , producing a content based magazine, each  numbered  individually. So if you have an numbered copy of issue 1  hold on to it , it may be worth something in the future .My understanding is that originals of the 1977 Deviation Street Fanzine can  go for around £100. 00 on line.

Talking of Zines … but that’s for the next blog



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