Don’t Deviate


Ramshackle, wayward and off kilter are we, so if you’re interested as to why it’s taken a little longer to get this out, now you know why. Nothing to do with the World Cup and days of sunshine at all. Don’t Deviate! We are living in a digital age, we are being flooded with torrents of information and disinformation and at times it feels like we are no longer swimming in those protected pools or wild but safe locations but drowning in a sea of plastic junk and bite sized debris. Don’t Deviate! We are bound up in the world, bound up in our micro online societies. Adherence to unwritten codes of conduct is paramount for inclusion, the desire for veneration is a powerful thing. Do Not Deviate, do not go OFF BRAND. Political threads on factory settings weave from left to right and vice versa. Opinions matter, it’s important to stay on track, better to be heading in the same direction with your mates (Whom you’ve never met), oh the joy of going over the top (comment wise) and into the line of verbal fire (flack is trending) don’t just wander off aimlessly, because we won’t know where you are and besides you’ll soon be forgotten.


The thing is, some of us do deviate, not out of faux rebellion hollering “a cause, a cause my data for a cause “, we just happen to wander off, disappear off line and couldn’t be bothered to post up an image of our great day out, like wise Sheila  couldn’t be bothered to share that she was feeling so low today , yesterday and the day before.


So today we  are bye bye digital We are online but also off line, sometimes away from the 0 and 1 world that is binary and blinkered, no longer dazzled by the headlights of the next wave of digital traffic. Hidden somewhere off road, in the fields and woods laughing and crying, gazing at blade of grass, resting and running Silence is a Rhythm too.


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