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Once upon a time there was a bass player who was called Wallace who was  in a band called the Mps who were reviewed in issue 3 of the original Deviation Street Fanzine , So we are absolutely delighted to have Wallace  write for Deviation Street and for letting us post up his close up images of the Stones . It’s a gas gas gas.


Shine A Light – The Rolling Stones Illuminate Twickenham Stadium



Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the Rolling Stones: Ok, so they have got a combined age of 657, the ticket prices were marginally less than the GDP of Luxembourg and Twickenham Stadium would be slightly more convenient to get to if it was in Azerbaijan, but boy can these guys put on a show!


This is the “No Filter Tour”, but it could easily be called the “No Theatrics, Lasers or Inflatables Tour”: just the odd T-shirt refresh, the occasional bum note and two hours of pure, unadulterated rock and roll. From the opening strains of Street Fighting Man to the closing bars of Satisfaction, the pace and the power does not slip for a single moment.


Remarkably, at 74, Jagger has more energy than a Duracell bunny on the Red Bull and Haribo diet. He simply doesn’t stop. Impossibly skinny, improbably louche and irrepressibly flirty and that was just dueting with support act James Bay. To top it all, the man is in fine voice. While other aging rock stars of a similar vintage struggle to hit the high notes, low notes and most in between, Jagger’s voice is a stadium filling, force of nature.







While Jagger is the glue that holds the whole show together, this is far from a one-man band. The Stones wouldn’t be the band they are without the miracle of modern science that is Keith Richards. Guitar slung low like a rock ’n’ roll gun fighter, with that elegantly wasted rock star pirate chic, he is every inch the master of the dark stuff. He even remembers that he’s in London as he takes over the lead vocals for crowd pleasing versions of ‘You got the silver’ and ‘Before they make me run’: Captain Jack Sparrow eat your heart out!



The new boy, Ronnie Wood, has only been with the band for forty years, but he’s definitely settling in and is the perfect sparring partner for Richards. These two are the naughty school boys of the band. With their smirks, winks and sideways glances, you get the impression that they are continually scheming to steal Jagger’s homework! And of course, behind the drums there is the mighty, metronomic Charlie Watts, the barron of the back beat, the grand-daddy of cool.




And together what a sound they make. Gone are the days of the loosely shambolic, chaotic faux blues sound. This is an incredibly tight unit, belting out the 19 strong, hit filled, setlist with genuine passion and verve. A stadium rocking Brown Sugar closed the show before the band returned for encores of Gimme Shelter and Satisfaction and sent the crowd ‘whoo whooing’ happy into the west London night – before they found out that there were no trains running, but that’s another story. It’s only rock n roll, but they liked it!


Wallace Dobbin 2018 

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