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4-june-dropThere is something wonderful about the work of Peter Please. As I write this I’m listening to Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians and those those playful rhythms have set my  mind bouncing over Peter’s texts. The image of fleeting words which are momentarily held on the page before they disappear,  ebbing and flowing over the surfaces of root, leaf and branch – up in to the air and over the hills and far away. The work of Peter Please is a deviation – a step or or more away from the concrete confinements of an urban life.  Here nothing is set in stone, knowledge is ephemeral, lasting a season or a day or less, making its way through the undergrowth and around humble rocks ancient as the moon. Such work is pleasing to the eye, the mind and if you’re so inclined … (and I am so) to the soul. But what does Peter have to say about his work?

“I call myself a writer who also likes to doodle in the margins. These images are from my book, Spoken Idylls: Everyday Illuminations  (Away Publications); 48 texts, many in poetic prose, exploring how the broken lines can metamorphose into  the royal highlights. I live for this engagement with the ephemeral world we usually pass by.  These mixed-media illuminations pay homage to the old limners and their art of illuminating texts. I don’t think of them as paintings or as illustrations. They run parallel to the texts. They offer breathing spaces for the reader.  I like mixing conceptual ideas with playful, concrete images. I work quickly, sometimes alfresco, usually with an idea or a theme. So I come prepared. The texts are meant to be read. I like producing mixed technology books, finding ways to connect the old with the new. Nature does this very well; the new growth grows through the old growth lying on the ground and enriching it as it decays.”

tuning into roar 2 (1)

Turning into a roar /Peter Please



Pearls / Peter Please

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Peter Please


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