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So…we’ve been away a few weeks . The reason being that our attention has been focused on putting together the launch of Deviation Street Magazine which will be available from April 6th.( See above) Deviation Street Magazine a a 60 plus pages packed with  content , Issue 1 features in its Archive pages an early interview with Richard Hell offering a first hand account of what was going on when the whole Punk scene was kicking off, plus a rarely seen photo Dee Dee Ramone . We also have  an interview with the man who has turned the Prank into an art form Joey Skaggs . Fraisia Dunn Writes about 60 s pop  icon  Scott Walker, a man whose music  deviated from the mainstream continues to  define new ground and thrill                                                                                                                            Truth is often stranger than fiction and we have some true stories from Rupert and Den Browne which sees each author navigate their way as strangers within The Countryside Alliance and Across 110th street respectively.    We are also showcasing  an array of art that is the real deal , from the intricacies  of Carlo Keshishian to the emotional landscapes of  Marina Antonova  along with  the globetrotting collective  work of Uncooked Culture , look out for the insightful cartoons of Shiloh Schatzkammer as well. And the cost cost cost ??? that will be £7.50 excluding postage , so put your order in now.

go to deviationstreet101@gmail.com write to us and we will get back to you .

Meanwhile coming up soon online , Art from the Margins by Peter Please  Peters work of words and images  meanders in through and over the margins, weaving  its way into your mind .

We also have the  concluding chapters  to Johny Brown’s brutalist  tale of life in the city as only its protagonists know it. Here is a snippet to whet your appetite

Things had been very good to Dave since he flew out to
Malaga for a holiday. He had merrily stumbled upon the world
of import / export whilst drinking in an ex pat bar and this
seemed like much more fun than the rag trade.

He subsequently sold off the clothes business and invested the
profit in shifting select products. Things were going well and he
liked his new life.
Today’s meeting was crucial to his latest venture and he was
making his way to Westminster slowly via various café’s
restaurants and bars. He would be taking the MP for a veritable
blow out and this was a good warm up. The sooner he was out
of this London shithole though and back in the Anglo orientated
sun of Spain the Better. The weather in this place was bad.

He had started the morning early in a freezing cold and rain
driven Borough Market feasting himself on London’s finest
venison burger followed by the truffley orgasmic delight of
Tuber Melanosporum and moving on to a delicious chocolate
spread with olive oil and twelve different drunken cheeses.

These had been garnished with the tastiest chutney’s
preserved in the nicest possible way and ooh that warm feeling
inside it gave him, it was good to treat yourself every now and
then but really he was just warming up as he lingered at the
gourmet goat stall and tried a bit of kid before repairing to the
specialists in meat and the quality fruiterers
And my his fancy was quite taken by all the flowers on display
and the scent of lilies overpowering that he almost forgot
himself a moment and felt quite someone else which only
spurred him on to sample some of the finest European wines
known to man. Money was no object and he sampled a choice
thirty-year old Cote Du Rhone.


More coming soon

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