The Straight Road/ October part 2/ Johny Brown


Here we are again, another chapter in  Johny Brown’s  tale of life in the metropolis of London.Its still October and  Susan comes to the realisation that she is the one at the centre of her own life and in her role of being an activist..Then a weird moment …

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Looking up and across the road a bolt hit her heart as a familiar
figure presented itself. Surely that was not her brother? The
shambling body was about ten stone larger than memory
served and the wave of brown hair was gone but it was her
brother no doubt. She called out: Hi David! He looked up.
Fuck me! It’s my mad sister! Dave couldn't believe it. He had
the instant thought that he really should have killed her back in
the quarry and seeing her today could be construed as
something of a bad omen, today of all days too. He had a
meeting with a friendly MP about some business that was
mutually beneficial to them both.


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