The Straight Road / Johny Brown Chapter 9 / July

On the road again
I just can’t wait to get on the road again
The life I love is makin’ music with my friends
And I can’t wait to get on the road again 

Lyrics by Johnny Cash/ Willie Nelson



It’s  Sunday a day for reflection as we reach chapter 9 of our serialisation of Johny Brown’s urbn tale of horror show and hope , The Straight Road . The month is July and for Susan just doing the normal quiet things in life turn into  a new  road to self discovery and as the  time goes by grows stronger too.  Read on Reader  Read on 


Susan tended to wear darkened shades of clothes like Samuel but bought a few items of her own in colours and shapes that appealed to her, knowing she would never be quite so subservient again to any man, though there was obviously a lot of wanting in her heart and soul and she engaged her emotions readily with Sam. Mostly though she just really liked doing things.

Normal things quiet things, things that Susan had never done before. Going to the surgery for a screening on her own, sitting in the café at the other end of the high street and reading women’s magazines or wasting an hour or two online on her new macbook that she’d bought herself on hp. All this was time lost finding out valuable things about herself; she cherished this.  

A blood donor van rolled up in the high street and Susan offered out her arm and gave up a pint. She took the chance also to fill out a card saying she would donate organs of her body in the event of her death. She put the card in the wallet she had recently acquired. It was the first meaningful thing close to her in awhile. She kept both act and card to herself.

One day Susan was walking down the high street and creepy priestly Cecil snuck up behind and goosed her surreptitiously and oh the shock on his face and the joy in Susan’s heart as her open palm struck his cheek with such a beautiful force that he could not help but turn the other cheek to be stung decisively there too. She was growing stronger every day.

And love, there was a lot of love between Samuel and herself, beautiful nights of rolling together in the fields, kissing under hedges, slowly coming together under the blanket in their room whilst candles guttered and vinyl records played out. Samuel had discovered vinyl and was amassing a beautiful collection of records of which he was rightly proud.

Their new thoughts were undiminished by marriage or domesticity indeed they only seemed to radicalise as the months progressed. Sam designed Crafted Anarchist posters and Susan wanted to use her new strength of arm to go and paste them around the town but Sam convinced her there was no one in town worth posting to. Their time would come.

Sam taunted Susan playfully. There was a Million Mask March coming up and Sam was very much going to take part but he feared Susan would not have either the bald courage or street smarts for such an occasion. When Susan asked why she would be inferior to the event he regaled her with stories of the black bloc and the deadly games they played with the police.

Furthermore Class War who very much ran these operations would merely laugh at a mere middle class white girl such as herself and Sam didn’t really feel the need to compromise himself at this stage in his political development. Maybe later when his anarchist credentials were more established he would bring her along, and show her what, but not yet.

Susan asked Sam how many of these marches he had been on? ‘Loads’ he replied, ‘absolutely’. Susan rolled him another spliff whilst he told her about the undercover police officers who stole names from babies in graveyards and dressed as crusty hippies searching out nice girls like Susan to drug and seduce and use as unwitting informants in the war.

Because make no mistake it was a war and one must be so fucking vigilant at all times. And who was undercover and who wasn’t undercover? They were all fucking undercover. His father, yes, Creepy Cecil, yes, Big Kath definitely, every fucker on the rugby team probably and how could he be certain Susan herself was not undercover? Think about it…

He gave her a pertinent pinch of the arm. It was only right to exhibit traits of mild paranoia. Be aware Susan, be aware, the war is here and these monsters all have it in for us. What can we do but take the war to them like I surely will. Samuel proceeded to make fast love to his comrade Susan; he was very het up about things, Susan caught his joyful paranoid fear.

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