Correspondent Violet Dahl takes to the street to discover GENTRIFRIES   a sizzling new restaurant situated within the  quarter of the World Heritage City of Bath 

chipsGentrifries topped with popcorn and pistachios


Tarquin Haberdashery talks in an exclusive interview with us at Deviation Street about how Bath has been waiting for a restaurant like his for centuries.


DS- Hello there Tarquin, please tell us more about your restaurant? A heritage city such as Bath is buzzing with excitement about your new avant-garde eatery!

TARQUIN- It was time. Bath is teeming with burger joints and coffee shops and I felt like I wanted to wiggle in and nestle myself somewhere in between those two bloated buggers, you know? Fast, quick, speedy, tasty, cheeky, trendy; a retaliation against the Bourgeoisie. By eating at Gentrifries, you’re not just ingesting something delicious and nutritious but you’re also making a statement to the world. Granted, often through social media platforms- but a statement nonetheless.

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DS- It’s interesting that you mention coffee and burgers, seeing as you don’t sell either at your establishment Tarquin. Surely fries without a burger are just an aside and your restaurant will be quickly pushed to one side?

TARQUIN- No, no, not at all, we believe less is more and our portion sizes reflect this. I will also add that we do have a Quatemalan-coffee-based dip called Sopping on the menu for those looking for their coffee fix (which means you don’t have to visit one of those God-awful coffee joints Bath is over-saturated with). We are also in fevered talks about a Somerset soy-shake with coffee notes to accompany the raw cacao nib dusted fries.

DS- Those toppings and dips are really something to shout about, and certainly set you apart and help you transcend the Bath-hubbub and many other fast food chains. Tell us more about your favourite toppings out of the wonderful fifty-plus the Bath-gourmand has to choose from.


Founder  Tarquin Haberdashery of Gentrifries also known as  TGF

TARQUIN- The Hubris fries are my current favourite dish- quinoa, pomegranate pearls, tomatoes, kidney beans and garnished with shavings of vegan cheese, what’s not to love? The Wimbledon Cloy is probably my favourite dip, it changes weekly though! It’s a moody strawberry and clotted cream foam that delicately enhances and encapsulates a dusky salty British evening in July. There’s truly something for everyone though- every Friday is Fry-day and we feature a contemporary seasonal addition. There are some very exciting top secret asparagus and Earl-Grey infusions in the works as we speak.

DS- It all sounds so salacious and so exciting! Do you have anything to say to the naysayers? I hear the Artisan Quarter has turned their noses up at your carte du jour and even the coupons you’ve so graciously bestowed upon their gilded doormats?

TARQUIN- Give a dog a bone. I’m just like you; independent, chic, and ultimately a pioneer in the face of Hipsterfarianism.

 Gentrifries offers a 25% discount to all independent Bath businesses with valid proof of occupation/ workplace.


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