Bastien Keb / 22-02-85

 artwork by Will Morrison
D.S…  How’s the album going ?
BastienYeah man, good! It was released in March, so just getting to the end of the promo and all that, and it did some cool things. I’m pleased with the way it came out and just looking forward to finishing the next one!
D.S.  Pick up is the title of the album and  single  and are based around the circumstances of stripper based  in London , is that right ?
Bastien Yeah, sort of. I didn’t wanna do a album just full of random songs, I love films more than anything so I thought with the album it’d be easier to make the album with a idea that its a story and all linked. Its just really the foundation, the songs aren’t really about a stripper or anything, it was just a way for me to get the right vibe on the album as a whole. Mainly it was about being lonely and the backdrop of the city at night with no one about and all the fluorescent lights.
D.S.….  The album is your 3rd , it  has this nocturnal/ early morning  sweet melancholic feel about it . Where do your musical  influences come from ?
BastienIts the 2nd proper album, the first one was almost basically songs that I’d be working on for a few years before that and just picked the ones I thought were best. Mainly writing comes from films. I love soundtracks so sometimes I’ll hear a tune and wanna make something thats inspired by that and other times I just start making a tune with no intention of what it’ll become. But I love a good hook so it’s important that at least some of the songs stand up as a proper ‘song’. And I do love ambeint sounds so always wanna get that sorta thing in there.Bastien Keb 'Pick Up' Single Artwork
 artwork Will Morrison
D.S. .. A concept album is a loaded tag with all sorts of prog rock connotations  but there is a certain  narrative that runs  through out .   .There are  parts where it has that  70’s flow . two albums come to mind,  particularly  Marvin Gayes “Whats Going on and in terms of subject matter Lou Reeds “Berlin ” . How did the album evolve ?
Bastien I just want the album to sit together right but also incorporate all the musical genres I like. So the last thing recorded on the album was the accappella outro of ‘Night Hustle’, I only did that because I realised I didn’t have any accappella on the album and love that stuff so made sure I put some in there. I knew I wanted a few proper songs as well, so when I had about 4 or 5 tunes that fit that bill, I then was a little freer to do things like ‘The Cut’ and ‘Crumbs’. I didn’t want those songs to be full songs just little skits, almost like when a car drives past you playing music and you hear a little bit of it. 
D.S. …  Does being a multi instrumentalist gives you  greater  control (and work) in terms  putting together an album.?
BastienYeah definitely, it’s the main reason I started playing more instruments. I knew what I wanted to do and didn’t want any outside influence, so this way I can do exactly what I want without someone suggesting something. 

photo by Natalia Rowley

D.S. …  Although a solo artist , making an album involves a team , who else has been involved in make it happen .?
Bastien …  I really wanted a female voice on the record and I meet Claudia Kane while we were working on some of her stuff and asked if she’d sing on a few tracks. With Fit Rare featuring Cappo, I think I wanted to do a collab album and had sent him the tune. I think initially Fit Rare was just gonna be an instrumental on the album but when he sent me the tune back it had to make the album. Other than that, the mixing was done by me on a few tunes, Adam Scrimshire because he’s mixed a remix I did for Paper Tiger, and I really like the mix, and Tim Southorn who also mixed the first record. 
Cashmere Artwork
  artwork  Will Morrison
D.S. …  What gigs have you coming up ?
Bastien …. Just did the last show of the year at Archspace in Hagerstown (London) on 1st November! So back to the studio for a good few months now.
Bastien Keb Town Artwork
 artwork  Will Morrison
D.S…  Where can you buy , hear the album ?

Bastien … I think there’s a few vinyl here and there, maybe still available on amazon.

For downloads all the usual places, iTunes, Spotify, amazon, bandcamp.

artwork by Will Morrison



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