Not too long ago Deviation Street put out an open call for writers and artists to submit work on the theme “Deranged” . It seems like a good idea at the time , we were very much in our infancy (we still are) and our idea was to produce a special Deranged issue. How ever it soon became evident that presenting a collection differing and diverse works online could be problematic for us, in it that the subtleties of some work would be overshadowed by the dynamics of others. This is particularly so online, where so many works just get glanced over. The issue here is that people, then choose a preference to look out for something that is familiar to them rather than look at what is in front of them, in other words different images need to be looked at in different ways. So, rather than muddy the stream, the thought shifted to that of  re arranging the presentation our original idea and focus instead on a number of works by individuals as opposed to just one each by many.

So, here we have the Collage work of Sue Eves

Do you wanna danceDo You Wanna Dance

She writes about the work as follows

 endeavour to capture fleeting moments we are vaguely aware of. Process is important to me. I work systematically, pushing forward from something I know to test how marks can suggest something strange yet familiar. Like Auerbach, ʻIʼm hoping to make a new thingʼ…ʻthat remains in the mindʼ. [Hughes.1990]. The audience is required to interact with the pieces to find something that resonates.


Collages are made from images of heads I have painted, which are cut up and reconfigured. Each image is made from a choice of the same elements so share certain similarities, yet differ because of the way they have been reformed. A lot like ourselves.


Each collage has been photographed, this process further modifies the image. The sections from which the images are composed remain partially visible so that, when viewed close up, one is aware of the transient nature of what we observe. As Giacometti says ʻwe cannot think about our present thought, it slips away as we try to grasp itʼ. [Sylvester 1965].

Mr and mrsMr and Mrs

The images are bright against a dark ground, suggesting those ʻilluminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the darkʼ [Woolf, 1927]. Each represent a brief moment in time and a visual realisation of a point in my artistic development.


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