Silence is Rhythm Too.

Marina Antonova  works in silence, perhaps it is a way of  developing a better space in which to work in,  adding greater privacy,  extending  the emotional  and psychic landscape, carving out some space between the daily chit and chatter, the neighbourhood in the head and the heavy flow of constant info. For the most part we are prone to heap more noise on more noise in order to block out the chaos and clutter, maybe we are all fearful of what resides within the emptiness, so when we take the time to stop, look, be still and listen is a brave step and if  we  pluck up the courage to wait and witness what lurks  within the silence ,  it enables the images to  speak for for themselves.


Untitled Girl 40 x 60 cm

11_blinde horse copy_v2

Blind Horse 100x 120cm

To scratch beneath the surface, however, I would describe my art less as something I do and more as something I carry inside of me. I have taken it everywhere I go and my life’s work has been to articulate its expression with ever greater degrees of truth and beauty.”

12_sixRjLI4xF8_v2                         Under The Water 15 x 10 cm

From concept to brush stroke, every aspect of my art is an effort to capture purer expression and to permit greater control over instinct.15442382_1196474330438107_1443420113921312231_nFriend 1   21 x 25 cm

15420845_1196474340438106_8318785555205213112_nDescent 14.5 x 20.5cm

“For me, the process of painting in watercolour is similar to when an image appears on photo paper. When developing a photograph, we receive a visible image from a hidden one.”

11_12974308_1004300136322195_7993480455669086520_n                        Sick Daughter 40 x 30cm

Marina lives in Moscow,  Russia  you can find out more about her work via her website

th-17_ghlVELNA28Y Self Portrait with The Sun

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