Synesthesia / Shunsuke Ohno

noun: synesthesia

  1. the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body
    In this fast moving 24/7 realm of  constant streaming information, it’s fascinating   that it is the still image of the photograph that has become so prolific in our everyday lives. Today everyone is a photographer – a visual recorder with the desire to capture the moment, to somehow restrain the inevitable flow of time that ultimately leads to our own death, this is a contemporary credo which guides us on a daily basis.
    However, there are deviations from such a path.  Shunsuke Ohno is a photographer who recognises and articulates, amongst such frenzied,  activity a sense of stillness. Within interior space of the domestic environment moments can be contemplated, objects, furnishings, functional and decorative along with items of clothing, acquire new meanings, wordless but nevertheless sensed.  The eye sees and the body senses, a jazz refrain,  perhaps music by John Coltrane lingering faint within the silence of the room or perhaps sensing the perfumed notes of a light smoky wood and whiskey aroma.  The eye sees and the map of the tongue awakes and the electric light crescent moon, flavoured like ice, is what you notice at first, followed by waves of overlapping memories of childhood chocolate and evening coffee.
    Shunsuke describes his work thus  “I had dreamed a dream of Kandinsky’s ”Sky Blue”.  There was abstraction and object shaking hands with each other.  I felt a connection with the abstract, its embodiment. Then I started painting the walls and making furniture in my room by stimulation music and exotic food. Listening to
    Fela Kuti, John Coltlane, Milton Nasciment and so on.

    – Synesthesia series 2012 –

    Shunsuke Ohno
    Born 1980 Living in Tokyo

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