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Sejin Park - The woods of Nostalgia

Sejin Park . The Woods of Nostalgia

My mind wandering,  I couldn’t say clearly when the  precise moment was. When I first became aware of Uncooked Culture or indeed the exact details of how I came to meet up with its founder Chutima Kerdpitak, only to say that we did meet up. This happened when putting together an exhibition entitled “Bloodlines” showing artists work which spanned and brought together a range of creative genres by which people and their work  get pigeonholed by, labels such as  established , studio based, professional, self taught, Outsiders and people from hidden communities . It was a mongrel mix of people, photographs, poetry, paintings, performance and even potatoes, and some how it all seemed to work. What became clear  from that venture was that Chutima or Nok as she is known had a vision that ran along similar lines to my own thinking, of a much more inclusive view of art. What struck me about Nok, was how unpretentious she was, employing a healthy diy ethos that was open and trusting of both the artists and the artwork. This was my first encounter with the world of Uncooked Culture and it was like a breath of fresh air with an array of art that encompassed the raw the beautiful and the tender and absolutely something to delight in. In the following interview  I was able to ask Nok one or two questions about Uncooked Culture, its development and its future.    


How,when and why did Uncooked Culture come about 

Uncooked Culture was born on Boxing day, 26 December, 2010.

As an artist myself, i experienced THE ‘NO’ – the discouragement, common amongst artists. That discouraged experience led me to a curatorial experimentation of THE ‘YES’ – the encouragement, which furthers opportunities and raises confidence of those passionate and dedicated artists based on barrier-breaking principles. My vision toward my artistic practice shifted during my 4-week time in 2009 attending an artist and writer at Vermont Studio Center (VSC), USA, among over 70 creative practitioners from various parts of the world. I have found friendship is one of the most significant ingredients of life both as an artist and an individual. Friendship brings support and potentially leads to collaborations of good courses. I discovered being an artist creating and trying to achieve common goals most artists have been attempted as an individual artist is not adequate to fulfil my happiness.

Alay Raich - Passion.jpg

Alay Raich.  Passion

Bringing artists together without any barriers of cultural and academic artistic background to “make it happen”, reach common goals where benefits are shared among artists, and to wider scope in ordinary community, by supporting each other generates fruitful rewards to not only myself but artists who have been taking part. Since discovering my hidden passion after my time hanging around and sharing artistic and life experience with those artists and writers in a very tight friendship environment, I keep in touch with all those friends through a social media after we all completed the residency and be apart and I eventually formed an artist collective called ‘Gihon River Collective’(GRC) to bring those artists and writers I spent time with to collaborate an international exhibition held in London one year after the residency. The Gihon is the river surrounds Vermont Studio Center, where we were in residency, which reminded us of those valuable memories, experience and the first re-union in London. Our exhibition of The Gihon River Collective was well received with over 2,000 visitors in a 4-floor abandon building in the heart of Notting Hill. It was an extraordinary reward of an initiative I had ever founded that emphasized and encouraged my passion for sharing benefit to other artists for future initiatives.

Edward Woltemate Jr. - Purahtice

Edward Woltemate Jr.  Purahtice

In 2010, a year after, I had been developing that experience during VSC RESIDENCY AND GRC’s collaboration into an art movement to experiment the “YES”, an un-juried platform for artists worldwide, launched at the end of the year and it was the most fulfilling gift to myself on that Boxing Day. Uncooked Culture intends to foster and create opportunities to undiscovered artists, artists who may feel rejected from the mainstream, self-taught artists, artists who call themselves Outsider artists and contemporary artists who value the ethics of Uncooked Culture in equalising a work of art without so-called classification/labelling ground.

At Uncooked Culture, we allow the viewers experiencing diverse creations from widest margin of artists and let viewers get connected to the work each individual may prefer instead of putting the artworks through a jury process which is often based on either the curators)’s or the institution’s preferences/policy.

Big House. Wee House

Kate Bauen.  Big House, Wee House

Apart from our ethical mission in building up a viral supportive artists’ community globally, Uncooked Culture attempts to generate revenue to artists throughout its initiatives/collaborations and make itself financially sustainable.

How many members do you have and how do you become a member ? What role do members play in UC

A participating artist member in Uncooked Culture’s initiatives do not need to sign up to be a member, any artists can show their interest of their participation and submit their works to our projects and exhibitions. The first exhibition of Uncooked Culture held in Chiang Mai Museum Thailand had gained works from 31 worldwide artists participating with 9 artists from various countries travelling to take part in person. Up until today, we have over 100 artists, create/reside in 15 different borders, participating our current worldwide travelling art initiatives.

Steve Judges - Merrygoround

Steve Judges. Merry go round

UC has produced  numerous exhibitions, can you mention a few 

One Bare Foot Square (OBFS), an artist-led collaborative travelling art initiatives that comprised of square canvases that form a big mosaic canvas walls, Launch exhibition at Outsider Art Gallery in The Hermitage museum, Amsterdam The Netherlands, July – August 2016, and recently and exhibition at London – Stop at Mental Fight Club – The Dragon Café in the crypt of St. Peter the martyr, Borough, November – December 2016.

Participation in Staithes Art & Heritage Festival 2015 with pop-up exhibitions in 3 different venues in Staithes – North Yorkshire, a successful project at Crowdfunding.

Participation in Summer Exhibition invited and organized by Lyndons Arts Trust in 2015.

‘Circus Terminal Worldwide’ an artist-led collaborative traveling art initiatives held in 9 different countries from 2012 – 2014.

UC recently showed at the new wing of the hermitage museum in Amsterdam. How  did that come about ? 

As a consequence from the collaboration of Circus Terminal Worldwide in Amsterdam – Holland led by one of our participanting artists Bert Schoonhoven, who is also the gallery director of The Outsider Art Amsterdam Gallery in their former site in 2013, the collaboration brought an exceptional friendship and value of which led to a further collaboration of the current project which recently held at its current site in the Hermitage.

Jason Hankins-Real Head Scratcher

Jason Hankins’ Real Head Scratcher

You have organised grass roots group shows all over the globe, where have you been and where next. 


Making Art is great but artists need to make a living , how can people buy work that they like .

You can buy our artists’ works on-site by following our current & upcoming exhibitions/events on our official Uncooked Culture’s website(http://uncookedculturegallery.com/events-2017/4593614495)

and online at Uncooked Culture’s e-gallery!

Are there other ways that people can support UC 

Sponsorship and sales of artworks from our artists will support Uncooked Culture.

You have acquired quite a  body of work over the years , are you looking for a permanent venue to store and show the work

A permanent gallery shop-window with minimum over-head would be an ideal. No-mad style is what we can make it happen” without fixed-cost while we are not yet

financially sustainable.

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