Call Out 1: Are You Experienced ?

Do you have you have experience in publishing, editing or marketing?  Or would you like to gain some experience in any of these areas?  Then we might be right up your street.

Since its inception, Deviation Street has recently re-emerged ( March 2017 ) from the ashes of its 1977 fanzine into a nice little wordpress blog, with contributors from all over the place (literally) including the UK, Russia ,America and even Sweden, yes even Sweden. Rooted in the DIY ethos we are open and ever expanding. Figured out 51

Image by Patrik Hogberg

So…with this in mind, as well as being on the look out for writers and visual creatives, we are also looking for folk with the nuts and bolts knowledge that can help develop this fledgling enterprise. Basically, we need and will take all the help we can get.

One of our aims is to get into print.

If your reading this, then the chances are that you are pretty aware of and hopefully interested in what we are up to, so the thing to do now might be to contact us and say hello and find out more.

Thanking you

Brian and co

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