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Figured Out: Patrik Hogberg


If you thought that Thor, that mythological hammer wielding Norse God had been turned into a movie star Marvel character forever, endlessly awaiting his next cinematic reincarnation, then you may well be mistaken. The rumour is that he not just a fiction but  alive and well (we hope) living amongst mortal men and women in Malmo, Sweden, going under the guise of one Patrik Hogberg.  It is here, away from the limelight, where we can picture  our mythological hero, relaxing,  listening  to traditional Okinawan music, whilst reading the works of Sweden’s finest poet Thomas Transtromer and perhaps sipping a glass or two of  Hungarian Tokaj, a wine that is dense and exotic with a rich spicy bouquet. It is perhaps this heady border-less intoxicating mix of music, text and wine that has inspired Patrik to produce this series of images for Deviation Street.  Set in the Wild West, these images evoke the half familiar cinematic folklore and shared mind wanderings of a psychological and emotional landscape that is both myth and reality.  words: Bunny Shepard

Intro 8

Intro: Patrik Hogberg


Gun 30 b (1)Guns: Patrik Hogberg

2 Hades (2)Hades: Patrik Hogberg

Maybe chickens 2Maybe Chickens: Patrik Hogberg

a-bomb 23A Bomb: Patrik Hogberg

Movements can be 2

Movements can be ..: Patrik Hogberg



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