Computer Morph by David Lewis-Baker

17622744_10208893013339237_34829999_oComputer Morph.

Like Kafka’s insect-man

I am morphing

Into a computer application

A cyberspace bug

Down loaded from the Web

Fearing system-damage

I have taken myself off-line

Powered-down my systems

Compressed and stored myself in

The hard-drive

Isolated myself from the motherboard

Disconnected myself from the server

Configured and

AutoSaved myself to an external drive

For safer transportation

Archived and backed-up

On standby only

I await a possible return to life

While my off-line status

Buffers me from the main programme

Repeated error messages

Suggest that

All my systems

Are not yet safely closed-down

Is my back-up program still operational?

Can I safely re-boot

From my master cache?

What are my on-line protocols?

Am I case sensitive?

And properly justified?

Am I still emotionally compatible

Or is my data corrupted

And liable to crash/

Please wait

Until all data is saved to disk

It is now safe to turn off your computer


Words and Images by David Lewis-Baker

David is a digital artist, poet and street photographer based in Bath.

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